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Collaboration on healthy and sustainable living

Ten designers.
Ten rooms.
Ten stories of creating a healthy and sustainable future.

Creating the future at IKEA means building it together. We want to show that a healthy and sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, boring or expensive. We’ve embarked upon a journey of discovery with a diverse group of creatives from across the world, creating 10 immersive rooms aspiring for healthy and sustainable living and reflecting the unique aesthetics and perspectives of our collaborators. 

A collage of ten collaborators on the project. It has two rows of five images.

It’s about more than just designing spaces, it is about being part of a movement that is committed to building a healthier and more sustainable world. 

With these rooms we are introducing various aspiration topics with related behavioural changes wrapped in new and exciting aesthetics.


Conscious living

The evolution from "space for stuff" to "space for me and us" and from "short-term use" to "long-term use" can be seen as a shift in priorities and values in society.

This mindset values practices that avoid waste, like upcycling, repairing, or passing on items to others. It prioritizes renewable or recycled materials and prefers products that are durable and adaptable. People who associate themselves with the conscious living movement feel proud and attached to their possessions and are thrifty with their resources.

Living with nature 

From “just a style" to “a lifestyle” and “access to nature”.

This connection with nature extends beyond the physical realm, as people use all their senses to interact and engage with the natural world. Whether it be through digital means or by immersing themselves with natural materials. The positive impact of such practices on mental health and overall happiness cannot be understated.


From “my own” to “sharing”, from "loneliness" to "belonging”. 

The desired transformation involves shifting towards a more socially oriented perspective. This shift entails shared experiences and cultivating a sense of belonging and connection with others. The benefits of this shift are numerous. Besides saving resources, it improves mental health and overall wellbeing. 

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