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Picnify your traditional holiday dinner

01 December 2017

Slouch onto your comfiest chair. Sink into a pile of cosy cushions on the floor. This holiday season, come together for an informal family meal on a picnic blanket in the living room.

Meatballs and baby plum tomatoes have been put on sticks and piled on a plate. A hand is reaching in to take one of the sticks.

Meatballs are easy to turn into finger foods. Just grab and go. But if meatballs aren’t part of Christmas dinner in your family, you can use Yorkshire puddings or potatoes instead.

Smoked salmon, hard bread and a glass of mustard and dill sauce are arranged on a long-handled wooden chopping board. A hand is dipping some salmon into the sauce whilst supporting the bottom of the chopping board.

Sauce running off the plate and onto your lap is never a good look. Instead, serve condiments in a glass on the side and get dipping.

The handle on this breadboard makes this platter of Swedish
favourite, gravad lax, more portable and stable than if it were on a
standard dinner plate.

Small portions of boiled potatoes, meatballs and mini sausages are placed into three glass containers arranged in a long glass dish. A fork is reaching in to take one of the meatballs.

Cut down on the washing up by using the same dish for cooking and serving. These oven-proof dishes double as serving platters, so you can take them directly from the oven to the table. Just remember to place them on a heat-proof place mat.

Two hands cup a steaming glass mug of glögg (Swedish mulled wine).

Don’t forget the sweet sensations. Swedish glögg (mulled wine) is the perfect partner to gingerbread biscuits and chocolates. Pass the goodies around the blanket - more than once - with ease using a cake stand. Everyone can satisfy their sweet tooth.