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Fresh ideas for inviting spring inside

01 February 2016

Welcome the new season by reviving your home with nature-inspired interiors. Whether it’s growing indoor gardens, adding textiles or creating statement features, find inspiration from this edit of spring-themed ideas from homes we’ve visited.

A beautiful white interior with a budding indoor garden
Decorate a wall with a patchwork of floral-print paper squares
Choose nature-inspired textiles to bring a touch of spring indoors


You don’t have to wait for spring to be in full bloom to fill your home with a sense of the new season. Try decorating a wall or piece of furniture with a patchwork of floral-print paper squares, or dress your windows with nature-inspired textiles.


Bring a taste of spring to your cooking space with seasonal blooms like sweet peas, or aromatic herbs and spices. You could also try growing your own seedlings – in preparation for planting outside or just to enjoy the sight of new shoots.

Seasonal blooms like sweet peas bring spring into to your kitchen
Grow your own seedlings in preparation for planting outside
Create a vertical garden on an unused wall for a lovely green view
Arrange a variety of real and artificial plants on a set of shelves for impact


Give yourself a green view indoors by creating a vertical garden on an unused wall. Try hanging pots from rails for a space-saving solution or place plants – real or artificial – into a set of shelves for impact.


Get your fingers in the soil and enjoy the pleasures of gardening indoors – you don’t need a large amount of space. Cacti make a great low-maintenance option, or you could begin a daily planting ritual with your own potting table of herbs, plants and flowers.

Make up mini terrariums in clear glass jars for low-maintenance green décor
Create an indoor potting table with flowers, herbs and plants
Make a dramatic wall display with washi tape and flowers
Suspend a branch from the ceiling and decorate with seasonal touches


Use your walls and ceilings to create a dramatic impression of the new season. Washi taping flowers to the wall is a beautiful and long-lasting option, while a suspended branch makes a great feature over a dining table – one that you can decorate to match the season.


Create your own version of spring with graphic stickers  – perfect for filling empty stretches of wall with life or decorating plain furniture. Free your creativity and arrange them in any pattern you like! They’re also easy to remove when you fancy a change.

Use floral wall stickers to add seasonal fun to plain walls
Add a bit of a nature to a nursery with plant-themed wall stickers
Cover magazine files in patterned paper for an easy, spring-inspired update
For a bold nature-inspired feature wall try patterned wall paper


From an easy update for small things like magazine files to making bold statement features, patterned paper offers lots of options for inviting spring inside. Whether you want to add a hint of bloom or create a whole forest, the only limit is your imagination!