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Wireless LED panels & doors

Sometimes a room needs some extra light in extraordinary places, that’s why we created LED panel lights that you can place on walls and ceilings. You can customise the light easily, depending on the occasion, with a remote or smart phone app.

To discover more about smart home, visit our dedicated page here.

LED light panels are an innovative, intelligent and futuristic way to decorate your home. It evokes a sense of sleek, high-tech innovation that very much feels at home in a modern house. While light is often used in decorating to enhance, to hide, or to accentuate your décor, with a wall light panel, the light itself is the star of the show.

Considering how good they look, the fact that these are smart light panels is almost secondary. However, that means they have some pretty nifty functions that are sure to make you love them even more.

For one, our wall light panels are remote controlled. You can easily connect them to a smart light switch or connect them to a smartphone app. And if you do, you can turn them on and off at your leisure, without having to search for the light switch in the dark.

Secondly, you also get access to plenty of different light modes. You can set them to warm or cold light depending on either the time of day or the task at hand.

Thirdly, by connecting them to the app, they are also programmable. That means you can create a schedule for when they should be on, off, warm or cold, dimmed or bright. Pretty futuristic if you ask us!