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BBQ grills

Extend your outdoor living and entertaining space with an outdoor kitchen. Pair a barbecue with work surfaces for food prep, plenty of storage and a sink. You can also build an outdoor kitchen island. Al fresco cooking while enjoying the company of family and friends outside – enjoy.

How do I clean a BBQ grill? 

With all the oils, fats and burnt leavings from charred food, it can be difficult to clean you BBQ grill properly. But it’s important to do, since cleaning will improve the lifespan of your grill and keep your cooking fresh and healthy. 

To properly clean your grill, you need to use different methods for the interior and exterior. Learn more about the different methods below.

How to clean a BBQ grill exterior

The KLASEN BBQ grills, both the gas and charcoal variants, have a stainless-steel exterior. To clean stainless steel, you can dampen a sponge in hot water and BBQ grill cleaner and scrub whole exterior until the stains are gone. After scrubbing, use a dry cloth and steel cleaning to polish the exterior. 

How to clean the inside of a BBQ grill

On the inside of the barbecue grill there are three parts you need to consider. First, is the grill gate. Second is the bottom of the grill. Third is the grease cup or ash tray, depending on if you have a gas or charcoal grill. 

To clean the grill gate, brush it with a grill brush while it’s still warm. The heat makes it easier to remove dirt, fat and oils. If the grill gate has cooled since cooking, soak it in hot water to help dissolve the dirt before cleaning. 

To make cleaning the grill gate easier, grease it with cooking oil while cooking. Do this right before you put on the food on the barbecue, and any dirt will come off easier when you’re done. This also helps your food get the typical grill gate marks, which makes it look all the more delicious. 

To clean the bottom of the BBQ grill, dampen a sponge in warm water and soap and give it a thorough scrubbing. 

Finally, don’t forget about the grease cup or ash tray of your grill. This simply needs to be removed and emptied after use. 

BBQ grill cleaning hacks 

If you want to try unconventional ways of cleaning, check try out these BBQ cleaning hacks. 

Number one is the onion method. Slice one onion in half and rub it against the grill gate while it’s still warm. The onion will dissolve the dirt and make it easier to scrub off. Keep in mind that this method might leave a faint taste if onion on the grill gate. 

Then we have the beer and newspaper hack. Just pour some beer over the grill gate and scrub it with a piece of newspaper. Keep scrubbing until your grill gate is clean again. 

What to do when the BBQ grill is rusty – and how do I prevent it?

If your barbecue grill gets rusty, the fastest way to get rid of the rust is to clean it with a wire brush. Take the grill gate off and brush both sides with the wire brush until all rust has been removed. 

Another method is to use a commercial rust remover. Follow the instructions on the product of your choice. One thing to have in mind is that the commercial rust remover contains toxic substances, so make sure to clean your grill thoroughly after use. 

How to prevent your barbecue grill from getting rusty

Rust forms from when the materials in the grill oxidize. This is caused by being exposed to moisture and the outdoor elements, so it’s important to always clean and dry your grill after every use. Therefore, it’s important to always clean and dry your grill after use, and to protect your grill from the elements between uses. 

The best way to protect your BBQ grill from rust is to store it inside in a dry space. If you want to store your grill outside, a good alternative is to use an outdoor cover for your grill. 

Which BBQ grill is best? 

When choosing a barbecue grill there’s are several aspects to consider, such as price, size and how portable they are. But one of the most important things to decide is whether you’re a charcoal or a gas grill person.

The argument for a charcoal grill

The traditional BBQ grill is without question the charcoal grill. A charcoal grill will be a good fit if you want to take a little bit more time cooking. This because it takes a bit longer to reach the right temperature as compared to a gas grill. However, the extra time can be worth it, since it gives you that genuine taste of barbecue. 

Why the gas grill might be right for you

The gas grill is the quick, sleek and modern way to barbecue. It will heat up much faster than the traditional charcoal grill, and it’s easier to get the right temperature. The gas grill is a great choice for everyday BBQ: ers who want to be able to flip a burger at a moment’s notice. 

Portable BBQ grill

Time for a picnic or maybe a late-night barbecue on the beach? We got your back. If you need a small, easy and portable BBQ grill, we have it.

At IKEA, you’ll find both gas and charcoal grills. Made in stainless steel. The BBQ grills both have built in thermometer on the lid, this will help you keep track on the temperature without you having to lift the hood.