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How to choose your bedding

We’re all guilty of thinking that our choice of bed linen doesn’t really matter. However, in the long run, you’ll come to realise that it directly influences your comfort and rest. What should we consider when buying sheets or duvets? Check out our top tips for choosing bed linen.

    Choose the fabric for your bed linen 

    There’s a huge variety of materials to choose from: lyocell, cotton, polyester, satin… But what’s the difference between them? The material used has an impact on both the durability and the comfort of your bed. Polyester bedding is the most affordable, but also the least comfortable, as polyester is a synthetic and non-breathable material. In many cases, polyester is combined with cotton to create fabric blends. Silk, on the other hand, is one of the softest and coolest fabrics, but also one of the most expensive. When it comes to the material most commonly used in bed linen, cotton is king. And sheets and pillowcases made from cotton are some of the most breathable too. The higher the percentage of cotton, the more breathable your bed linen will be. Much of our bedding is 100% cotton, creating soft, natural bed linen that not only wicks away moisture but also feels fantastic. Moreover, since 2015, all of the cotton that we use comes from more sustainable sources and is therefore recycled or grown with less water and fewer chemical fertilisers and pesticides. 

    Find out more about this commitment to sustainability
    TRÄDKRASSULA Duvet cover and two pillowcases, white/blue 240x220/50x60 cm
    Find out more about this commitment to sustainability

    Pay attention to the thread count when choosing your sheets

    We know that this must have happened to you before: you find two products that look virtually identical but have very different prices. Why is that? With bed linen (for example, sheets), the price difference may be down to the thread count. Thread count is one of the most reliable indicators of fabric quality.   As the word suggests, it indicates the number of threads per square inch. The higher the number of threads, the greater the density and strength of the fabric and, therefore, the higher the quality. To give you a rough idea, the average number of threads in a standard sheet is about 120 per square inch. We recommend opting for a thread count of at least 200, which is when the quality starts to get really good. So now you know: if in doubt, always check the thread count.

    See sheets
    DVALA Sheet, white 240x260 cm
    See sheets

    Measure your mattress carefully

    Once we are clear about the basics of bed linen fabrics, it’s time to pick the right product. And to do that, we first need to measure the mattress carefully. Seems obvious, right? However, one of the most frequent mistakes that people make when choosing and buying bed linen is not measuring their mattress correctly.

    HAMARVIK mattress

    The colour of your bed linen affects comfort and quality

    It may sound crazy but colour also influences the quality of bedding. The explanation is very simple. Because it doesn’t have to be treated with dyes, white bedding maintains the natural fibres of the cotton better and is more environmentally friendly.   However, white bed linen doesn’t provide the variety of colours that we get from dyed and patterned bedding sets, which we love to use to brighten up our bedrooms.

    BERGPALM Bed linen

    Choose your duvet 

    Your choice of duvet will depend on your own internal thermostat. For those of you who are usually warmer, the best option is a light down duvet with less filling, whereas those who feel the cold more will want to snuggle up under a heavier duvet with plenty of filling. Can’t decide which to choose? Don’t worry, we have a range of multipurpose duvets too. Our all-seasons duvets are the perfect option as they combine a cool and warm duvet in one product. Just add or remove layers to regulate the temperature. It’s that simple!  

    How to choose a duvet
    STJÄRNBRÄCKA Warm duvet 240x220 cm
    How to choose a duvet

    How often to wash household linens

    We also give you some tips on how often washing household linens is recommended.  Want to keep these handy?

    Download tips
    tips on washing
    Download tips

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