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ADLAD Scented candle in ceramic jar, Scandinavian Woods/white, 50 hr
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ADLAD Scented candle in ceramic jar, Scandinavian Woods/white,

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Burning time: 50 hr

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What’s the scent of home for you? ADLAD scented candle offers a comforting, familiar experience of Scandinavian forests with spicy citrus notes. Welcome home to a genuine atmosphere inspired by nature.

Article number505.022.02

Product details

A comforting scent of forest and amber with hints of citrus and cypress.

Suitable when you want to create a genuine atmosphere at home with inspiration from nature.

The candle jar’s unique colour pattern is created by its several layers of glaze reacting with each other during firing.

When the candle has burnt itself out, you can use the ceramic jar to store small things, as a plant pot or as a tealight holder.

At least 50% of the wax in this product is renewable plant-based wax.


Ilse Crawford


Burning time: 50 hr

Diameter: 10 cm

Height: 10 cm


What is plant-based wax?

All candles in our range are good at creating a cosy atmosphere and we choose various materials so that we always end up with the best shape, function and quality. Plant-based wax is well-suited for tealights or other candles in holders. The plant-based wax is made from raw materials like rapeseed oil, soybean oil and shea oil – and is a natural result of our decision that all materials we use in our candles will be renewable or recycled at the latest by 2030.

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“ADLAD scented candle has a soft and gentle scent of trees. Not that wild and intense, more friendly, welcoming and tamed – like a Scandinavian forest. It’s the scent of home, the scent of IKEA. There are traces of human presence, a familiar and genuine experience which is also clean and distinct – a modern interpretation of IKEA and the company's historical roots.”

Designer Ilse Crawford