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Kitchenware & tableware

A playful collection for kids and grown-ups

The new and eclectic TABBERAS collection is designed to maximise the family time in the kitchen. Who could resist the oven glove that changes colour based on temperature, the bold and colourful textiles or the baking moulds to make healthy treats for the whole family?

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A person wearing a green top, placing a VARDAGEN pie dish on a wooden table using a TABBERAS oven glove.
Four TABBERAS tea towels with mixed patterns are hanging from a KUNGSFORS rail on s-hooks.
Two green TABBERAS baking moulds with nut bars are placed on a yellow TABBERAS baking mat.
A child, wearing a striped top, is slicing a potato on a chopping board using a TABBERAS slicing assistant.
A LISABO table is clad with a TABBERAS tablecloth in green and lilac.
See the TABBERAS collection

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New kitchenware for frying, braising, sauteing and showing off

British designer Ilse Crawford is a master at combining style with functionality and the FINMAT series is the perfect example. The stylish copper detailing on the frying pan together with the understated, yet elegant, stainless-steel utensils will impress any dinner guest, regardless of dish.

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FINMAT cooking tweezers, balloon whisk and fork in stainless steel hang next to a frying pan against a blue background.
A FINMAT frying pan with a stainless steel surface on the inside and copper on the outside against a blue background.
See the FINMAT series

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