Kitchenware & tableware

Stay healthy with proper food hygiene

Caring for your food leads to keeps it healthy and fresh for longer. At IKEA Saudi Arabia, we serve our best tips on how to store your food and keep it healthy.

Clever, durable tools make cooking easier, and more fun to master a new recipe. We’ve got great ways to store and save food too, so there’s less waste. Stick to a classic look or change with every season when you’re setting the table, there's no fixed rules. So match every piece or mix them all up and you’ll have the perfect recipe for making every moment (cooking, serving or eating) feel as good as the food tastes. 

DINERA series

Made from durable matte glazed stoneware, they are stackable, dishwasher safe and can be used to complement every meal — from breakfast to

FÄRGRIK series

they come in different colours that are designed to coordinate, so you can mix and match the way you want and still have a table that looks pulled together.

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Make sure you always have what's needed

Stack up with cutlery sets to make sure you always have what's needed, whether you're having a big dinner party or you just haven't had time to do the dishes in a while. We have many different styles of knives, forks, and spoons to choose from so you can personalise your look.

Glassware & jugs

Whatever you’re drinking, we have the glassware and more to suit it. Our glasses, cups, and mugs give you a big choice of styles and patterns.

Coffee & tea

Ice cold with a slice of lemon, or hot and frothy with lots of milk? Here you'll find everything you need to make your perfect cup of tea or coffee. Also, we have different styles of vacuum flasks to keep things at the right, hot or cold, temperature.

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Mobile homes for food on the go

Food containers let you keep your food fresher, longer. Fresher food gets eaten, so less waste, more taste and no spills.

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Why bioplastic bags?

You can keep your food at its best in resealable ISTAD plastic bags made of bioplastic, a renewable and recyclable material that saves on our planet’s resources while keeping your food fresh and tasty.

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