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Gaming furniture

A dark gaming room with a lit-up gaming station. A person, sitting in a gaming chair, is raising the arms victoriously.

Gaming room ideas for any room, style and budget

Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a cosy and rustic vibe, these gaming room ideas will help you create the ultimate gaming sanctuary.

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Make yourself comfortable in this world, and the next, and the next

When gaming is your passion, it’s a good idea to come prepared. No matter what level you’re on, IKEA has the gaming chair for you. Whether you want a centrepiece or simply to add to the style of your room, it will have your back through the roughest of sessions. Game on, indeed.

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A light grey MATCHSPEL gaming chair stands at an UTESPELARE gaming desk in a room with a TIDTABELL rug on the floor.
A pastel room with a gaming corner centred around a light-grey UTESPELARE gaming desk and a grey UTESPELARE gaming chair.
A black HUVUDSPELARE gaming desk and gaming chair combination placed in a wood-floor room with green accents.
A workspace with a GRUPPSPEL gaming chair and a RIDSPÖ oak-veneer desk beneath wall-covering dark-green ROSENMANDEL curtains.
A grey-and-red STYRSPEL gaming chair in front of lit screens on a desk in a room lit up with a soft red glow.
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