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Home electronics

Boost the air and your wellbeing with an air purifier

Coming in all shapes and sizes – and even as part of a table – our air purifiers will sit happily anywhere in your home, clearing the air of invisible indoor pollutants. So you can take a deep breath of fresh air wherever you go!

A black STARKVIND smart air purifier in front of a bookcase and a window that is covered in white/grey FJÄDERMOTT curtains.
A VINDRIKTNING air quality sensor on a grey surface in front of a plant and beside two bamboo NORDMÄRKE wireless chargers.
A person’s hands put away two pairs of shoes on a shoe storage shelf by a white FÖRNUFTIG air purifier attached to the wall.
A stained oak veneer and white STARKVIND table with air purifier with a mug and plate and a SESAMFRÖN plant mister on top.
An UPPÅTVIND air purifier and a plant on top of a pine RAST chest with 3 drawers that’s in front of a window.

Make the switch to a new USB charger

It’s easy to keep all your devices happy at the same time with this simple USB charger. Three ports make it perfect for when you’re on your travels, or try using it to create a family charging station so everyone’s devices are always ready to go.

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A white SMÅHAGEL 3-port USB charger in a plug socket on a wall with a pink, a yellow and a grey cable in each port.
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A new friend that brings music and light

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A child sits at a FLISAT children’s table drawing in a book with a green VAPPEBY peanut shape Bluetooth speaker nearby.
A green VAPPEBY peanut shape Bluetooth speaker with the light on stands near an UNDERHÅLLA abacus on a white surface.
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