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Beds & mattresses

Wake up with a smile on a sprung mattress

A good night’s sleep on a sprung mattress can help energy levels stay fully topped up all day – so it’s an investment in comfort and support worth making. Explore our range to find the one for you when you’re ready to hit the sheets.

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A person sits on top of an uncovered VESTERÖY pocket sprung mattress on a bed in a room with orange curtains.
A person sits on a bed with an uncovered VESTERÖY pocket sprung mattress on it and pushes down on the mattress with one hand.
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Need help choosing your new bed?

There are lots of styles in the IKEA range, so you’re sure to find what you want. A good way to start is to check out the different types of beds in these quick guides.

Divan beds – covered in soft fabric, they have a comfy, cosy look.
Bed frames – lots of styles and many have built-in storage.
A person lies sleeping in a bed with blue KRITSUGA bed linen that stands on a white high pile VOLLERSLEV rug in a bedroom.

Love it or exchange it – you have 90 days to decide

It takes time for you and a new mattress to get used to each other. So you have 90 days (and nights) to make sure you’re happy with your choice. If you’re not, you can exchange it for another mattress.

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A mattress for mind as well as body

Whether you crave the softness of foam, or just love the way a sprung mattress moves with you, the right mattress can help boost your overall well-being. With something for all sleep styles and budgets, our range makes it easy to find the perfect sleeping partner.

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A person lies sleeping on a bed with two pillows and a duvet inside green bed linen. The duvet lies partly on the floor.
An upholstered bed in a light green bedroom in front of a window with dishevelled bed linen showing an ÅSVANG foam mattress.
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Bed comfort, as you like it

Whatever its style, a bed with a headboard always creates an inviting centrepiece. Whether you’re after a sleek, timeless finish, the warmth of cosy upholstery, or a bed with built-in storage, explore our range for the right choice for your dream bedroom, and your budget.

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An IDANÄS bed with LÖNNHÖSTMAL bed linen and curtains around it stands beside a IDANÄS bedside table in front of a window.
A white MALM bed with 4 storage boxes in a beige bedroom with a chest with 2 drawers by it and a floor lamp on either side.
A KLEPPSTAD bed with ÄNGSLILJA bed linen stands in front of a white PAX/HASVIK wardrobe with sliding doors.
An IDANÄS upholstered storage bed with a light grey-green HOLMVI throw draped over it stands near a PAX/AULI wardrobe.
A SLATTUM upholstered bed with white NATTJASMIN bed linen in a bedroom with a MISTERHULT pendant lamp and a STOENSE rug.
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Find a mattress with support that’s right for you

Looking for a new best friend for your bed and sleep style? Browse our mattresses to find one with the support that works for you, whether you’re taking a quick nap or going for the full eight hours.

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See all mattresses

Bedroom series for easy coordination

You can choose matching furniture from one of these bedroom series.

MALM series – Simple design that blends in and a big storage capacity
KLEPPSTAD series – Bedroom essentials that are great value for money
IDANÄS bedroom series – Versatile furniture with a timeless design and thoughtful details