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Bath textiles

Our bathroom textiles include towels that dry you quickly, and bath mats that keep your feet away from the cold floor. These soft everyday treats come in different sizes, colours and styles. Because, while they’re waiting for their moment of glory, we think they should look good too.

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More variantsROCKÅN Bath robe L/XL

ROCKÅN Bath robe, grey, S/MROCKÅN Bath robe, white, L/XLROCKÅN Bath robe, white, S/M

More variantsBJÄLVEN Bath robe L/XL

BJÄLVEN Bath robe, beige, S/M

More variantsTÅSJÖN Slippers S/M

TÅSJÖN Slippers, grey, L/XLTÅSJÖN Slippers, white, S/MTÅSJÖN Slippers, white, L/XL

More variantsDIMFORSEN Washcloth 30x30 cm

DIMFORSEN Bath towel, grey, 70x140 cmDIMFORSEN Bath sheet, grey, 100x150 cmDIMFORSEN Bath towel, turquoise, 70x140 cm

More variantsFINTSEN Bath mat 40x60 cm

FINTSEN Bath mat, white, 40x60 cm

More variantsALSTERN Bath mat 50x80 cm

ALSTERN Bath mat, dark grey, 50x80 cmALSTERN Bath mat, light grey-green, 50x80 cmALSTERN Bath mat, white, 50x80 cm

More variantsSKOVELSJÖN Slippers S/M

SKOVELSJÖN Slippers, beige, L/XL

More variantsALMTJÄRN Bath mat 60x90 cm

ALMTJÄRN Bath mat, beige, 60x90 cmALMTJÄRN Bath mat, white, 60x90 cm

More variantsSÖDERSJÖN Bath mat 50x80 cm

SÖDERSJÖN Bath mat, light beige, 50x80 cmSÖDERSJÖN Bath mat, grey-brown, 50x80 cmSÖDERSJÖN Bath mat, dark green, 50x80 cm

More variantsTOFTBO Bath mat 50x80 cm

TOFTBO Bath mat, dark beige, 50x80 cmTOFTBO Bath mat, striped/blue, 50x80 cmTOFTBO Bath mat, grey-white mélange, 50x80 cm

More variantsVALLASÅN Washcloth 30x30 cm

VALLASÅN Bath towel, light grey/brown, 70x140 cmVALLASÅN Bath sheet, light grey/brown, 100x150 cmVALLASÅN Bath towel, dark blue, 70x140 cm

More variantsSALVIKEN Bath sheet 100x150 cm

SALVIKEN Hand towel, anthracite, 40x70 cmSALVIKEN Bath towel, anthracite, 70x140 cmSALVIKEN Washcloth, anthracite, 30x30 cm

More variantsFREDRIKSJÖN Hand towel 40x70 cm

FREDRIKSJÖN Hand towel, dark blue, 40x70 cmFREDRIKSJÖN Washcloth, dark blue, 30x30 cmFREDRIKSJÖN Washcloth, dark grey, 30x30 cm

More variantsOSBYSJÖN Bath mat 40x60 cm

OSBYSJÖN Bath mat, grey, 40x60 cmOSBYSJÖN Bath mat, turquoise, 40x60 cm

More variantsHIMLEÅN Bath sheet 100x150 cm

HIMLEÅN Hand towel, dark blue/mélange, 40x70 cmHIMLEÅN Bath towel, dark grey/mélange, 70x140 cmHIMLEÅN Hand towel, dark green/mélange, 40x70 cm
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