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Storage & organisation

A home to grow your passion

A hobby or a passion needs a space: good storage, somewhere to keep your tools and all the other things you need to grow your project.

See all storage shelves & units
See all storage shelves & units

There is such a thing as a place for everything

Welcome to the season of a more organised wardrobe.

See all small storage & organisers
See all small storage & organisers
Discover the complete PAX system and how it can work in your space.

Your PAX wardrobe – it’s all about you

With the PAX system, you choose the size, style, doors and so on to get the look you want. And you choose the interior organisers, like clothes rails, shelves, drawers and more, to suit what you wear.

See the PAX system

The new HAUGA series – traditional style for modern lives

Timeless in style but made for present-day living, the new HAUGA series has a big choice of coordinated storage and more that you can use almost anywhere in your home. And it’s easy to adapt or add to it as your life changes.

See the HAUGA series
See the HAUGA series

Let room dividers grow your living space

Make more of your home by dividing it in clever ways, like creating new rooms for the cost of a curtain or a bookcase. A shelving unit frees up even more space by neatly organising your things.

See all room dividers
See all room dividers

Storage series for a coordinated look

You can choose furniture from a series so that your storage matches.

HEMNES living room series.
HEMNES living room series
HAVSTA series.
HAVSTA series
EKET series.
EKET series

You can go up or around to gain more space

To find more storage potential at home, you can use the full height of your walls and the area under a window or around a corner. Why not check the IKEA range of shelves, hooks and wall organisers to see what will best suit your space?

See all hooks & wall organisation
See all hooks & wall organisation

Quick guides to a more sustainable home