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A new highlight in lamp shades

Here is just one of the new products in the lamp shades range. Why not check out all the options and find your favourites to give your home a quick refresh?

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A child sits on a green/white KLIPPAN sofa near a floor lamp which has a hand-knitted beige LERGRYN lamp shade.
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Want to light up the dark mornings without leaving your bed?

Smart lighting means you can take it easy and turn on, turn off or dim your lights without having to get up from bed. Or your sofa. And getting started with smart lighting is easy, too.

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Different FLOALT LED light panels are mounted on a wall. Some picture frames are also mounted on the wall or lean against it.
A woman lies in bed and reaches out her hand to press a TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer near a FNURRA alarm clock on a bedside table.
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For toys, outdoor lighting, portable speakers and more...

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You get better control with IKEA Home smart

Lighting, speakers, electrical sockets, electric blinds. You can control them all with your phone, remote controls and even your voice. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? Why not check out IKEA Home smart today?

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Quick guides to a more sustainable home

Want to find your things more easily?

Integrated lighting for your wardrobe, cabinets or shelves means less time searching for stuff, and some types also help you give the room a cosier atmosphere. The IKEA range has options for many areas of your home, including your kitchen and bathroom.

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A white shelving unit holding bowls and dishes in wood and green and white porcelain, plus integrated lighting.
Shirts hanging by coat hangers from a rail in a white storage unit, with integrated lighting.
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