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Bathroom installation service

You can do it all yourself – but you don’t have to

Our skilled fitters will come to your home to install your bathroom. That can save you a lot of time.

  • Price: 49€ + 20% of the total purchase price (excluding any discounts)
  • We also take care of connections to existing plumbing
  • We also take all packaging with us when we’re done and ensure it’s processed in an eco-friendly way
  • This service is exclusively available in combination with Delivery by truck to the room of your choice.

Good to know 

  • You should adapt and install all wiring, water pipes, sockets and electrics yourself in advance. And you should clear the space.
  • Your furniture will be delivered by truck. You should always ensure parking space of at least 15m in length (the equivalent of 3 cars) in front of your house.  If your order is delivered with an external elevator, please provide at least 25 m (the equivalent of 5 cars). If necessary, do not forget to request a parking ban from your local government or local police.
  • Take care to ascertain that all doors, hallways, stairs and lifts in your home or building are wide enough to accommodate all packages. Check the “Package details” on the individual product pages.
  • If you expect a delivery to a room of your choice, make the passage to the room as clear as possible.
  • The service comprises professional assembly in accordance with the product instructions and the fitting of anti-tilting protection. Insofar as technically feasible, wall and ceiling installation will be carried out on request at your own risk.
  • When so requested our recognised service providers will take the packaging with them and ensure it is disposed of in an eco-friendly way. 

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