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Return policy

This page provides full details of the generous IKEA return policy, which applies to all customers and all channels.


At IKEA we don’t mind you changing your mind. Occasionally you’ll find something you think would be perfect in your interior, office or garden. Until you get it there. It’s really easy to return a product, regardless of where you purchased it from IKEA. You can return any product – from a chair to a potted plant – to one of our stores or through another channel.


IKEA return policy  |   Exchange a mattress   |  90 days to fall in love or exchange

Returning unopened IKEA products

You have 365 days to return an unopened IKEA product. You will be refunded the full purchase price. No rush, no complicated procedure. To speed up the process, please bring your proof of purchase with you. If you can’t find it, we’ll help you locate your digital receipt. 

Returning opened IKEA products

We think everyone should be able to test out any product, so we give you 365 days to return an opened IKEA product – even if you’ve assembled it. Simply present your proof of purchase to walk away with a full refund. 

IKEA products that can’t be returned

Only dirty, soiled, damaged, incomplete and adapted products are excluded from our IKEA return policy.

IKEA return policy terms and conditions:

  • To ensure the process goes smoothly, please bring your proof of purchase too. ​If the product is in good condition we’ll refund the full purchase price by the payment method used for purchase.
  • If you can’t find your proof of purchase, or you’re returning a product in one of the categories below, we will refund the full purchase price in the form of an IKEA refund voucher.
    • Custom products (worktops, wall panels)
    • IKEA Swedish Food Market products
    • Fabrics per metre
    • Plants
    • Bargain corner products
  • An IKEA refund voucher can be redeemed in any IKEA store and at
  • More than 365 days since you bought your product? A second chance for IKEA furniture.
  • If your product is damaged, you can file a complaint with IKEA.
  • To show our commitment to extend the useful life of our products, we offer IKEA spare parts free of charge.
  • Our Oops warranty for IKEA Family members covers product defects and accidental damage during transport or assembly.

90 days to fall in love or exchange

It's important to us that your new mattress is a dream fit for you. That's why IKEA gives you 90 days to decide whether you're happy with your choice.

Exchanging an IKEA mattress​


Bring the mattress to an IKEA store along with your proof of purchase. We help you choose another mattress. If you want us to pick up your mattress, we’ll help you find a good solution.​

Terms and conditions for exchanging mattresses

  • Your mattress may feel a bit hard to start with. Give your body and the mattress a little time to get used to each other. It takes about a month for your body to get used to a new mattress and for the mattress to get used to your body. For ultimate comfort, choose a pillow that fits you and your mattress.
  • You can exchange your mattress once in the period of 90 days after purchase.
  • Dirty, soiled or damaged mattresses are excluded from our IKEA return policy. Keep your mattress fresh and clean with a mattress protector. It will also extend its life by many years.
  • If you choose a more expensive model, you’ll only pay the difference between the original and the replacement product. If the replacement is cheaper, we’ll refund the difference in the form of an IKEA refund voucher.

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