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Just add sunshine

There's never a bad time to start dreaming of warmer weather. That's why we have the basics for planning your comfy outdoor hangout – regardless of what the thermometer says. Just be sure to check back in February, when we'll have even more options for welcoming those warm, sunny days.

Where do you want to spend your everyday vacation?
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A small balcony with grey table, bench and chairs with seat cushions
A balcony with brown wooden modular seating with beige seat/back cushions and a black round tray table
A balcony with white folding chairs and table together with shelving units in galvanised steel
A balcony with brown wooden storage benches with seat cushions, wall panels and shelves filled with green plants
A balcony with low plastic chairs, round tray table and hanging flower boxes, all in white
The best front row seats
Two grey plastic armchairs on a wooden float
With the water lapping at your feet, a soft breeze ruffling the trees and the sunset sparkling in golden light; sometimes the best seats in the house are the ones outside.
A white steel box with lid and a vacuum flask
Stress-free seating
Whether you’re sitting by a lake or by your back step, relaxing is easier if you don’t have to worry about ferrying furniture back inside the house. Made of tough, maintenance-free plastic SKARPÖ armchair is just the thing for taking in the sunset.
A season for siestas
Two wooden sun loungers with pads standing under the apple tree
After a long day of work or summertime chores, put your feet up, shut your eyes and let your cares float away. With a couple of sun loungers in the yard, some comfy pads and an insect net (if you need it) you’ll why you don’t sleep outside all summer.
    ÄPPLARÖ Sun lounger $179 ÄPPLARÖ Sun lounger $179
Late night lounging
Nightfall doesn’t have to mean an end to enjoying the outdoors. With some comfy cushions, a warm throw and a few lights, your afternoon snooze spot can turn into an evening under the stars.
Home amongst the harvest
White garden furniture inside an arbour
Embrace the summer with a little dirt under your nails. Whether you have an allotment or a backyard, a classic dining set like ANGSÖ series means after a day of gardening you can sit amongst the fruits (and veggies!) of your labours.
URSULA Throw $69 ÄNGSÖ Chair with armrests, outdoor $79 ÄNGSÖ Chair with armrests, outdoor $79 ÄNGSÖ Table, outdoor $235
Quick tips for creative gardening
Seedlings growing in a glass jar
KORKEN glass jars easily double as plant pots for young herbs and seedlings, with their glass sides you can see if your growing greenery needs a little extra water too.
KORKEN Jar with lid $2.90
With handles for hanging and holes to let out water, GEMAK colander serves just as well for growing plants.
Enamelled colander used as a hanging planter
Growing greener
Keeping track of your growing garden, doesn’t need any special equipment, just something to stick into the ground and some space to write. Here we’ve used forks from the cutlery drawer and old paint stirrers.
A stainless steel fork used as a card holder in a hotbed
A hotbed with salad, dill and chives
Sharing your garden goodness
Fresh flowers wrapped with metre fabric
Wrapping fresh flowers and herbs with metre fabric is not only fun, fragrant way to decorate your next garden party, it also means you don’t have to worry about broken vases or spilled water.
AINA Fabric $12.90
Envelopes made of metre fabric with floral pattern
Share some of your garden by drying your prettiest blooms for a fragrant gift. You can double your gift giving with these textile envelopes, just find your favourite fabric, cut out the layout with the help of a regular envelope, and sew on a button to seal it.
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EMMIE ROS Fabric $9.90
Ready to grow
Fresh herbs growing in galvanised steel plant pots on a tray
Still working on your green thumbs? No worries. From pots and plants to gardening sets, we’ve got everything you need to get you up and growing.
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A soulful spa retreat
Brown hanging seat with grey cushions
Why go to the spa every time you need to relax? With your own balcony spa retreat a rejuvenating spot to unwind is steps away.
Close-up of the back of the one-seat section in black-brown woven plastic rattan
Stretch out and feel the sunshine. With weather-resistant KUNGSÖ cushions and durable, maintenance-free KUNGSHOLMEN seating the only thing you have to worry about is finding your zen.