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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.


The secret ingredient

Some people have a knack for cooking. The rest of us need a little help. With clever tools that make it easier to do two (or five) things at once. Durable tools that make it more fun to master a new recipe – even if it takes a few tries. And ways to store and save food so that we can be a little less wasteful.

HEMSMAK collection – limited edition
Two glass jars filled with jam and finished with adhesive labels, decorative paper and string.
Homemade marmalade, pickled herring, salad in a jar... We love to be creative with food and add our own personal touch. The HEMSMAK limited edition collection makes it easier and more fun than ever. Just add your creativity!
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Save food, flavor and money
Make it fun and easy to bring food along with our new smart FOOD ON THE GO products. With clever features like smart dividers and accessories in the leak-proof lunchboxes, these containers are designed for eating straight out of wherever you are.
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For cooking and baking in style
A close-up of a pastry board with pot holders, tea towels and aprons in black, grey and white.
Make cooking easy with the timeless design and long-lasting quality of IKEA 365+ cooking textiles, including an apron, a pot holder and tea towels.
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4 ideas for preserving and storing food
Three wooden IKEA shelving units holding jars, containers and bottles of preserves and dry goods. Two bottles and one jar of homemade ketchup with hand-written lables on them and a tomato plant in the background. Two hands cupping a batch of blackberries. Stainless steel IKEA rails fixed across a window with containers holding wheatgrass.