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IKEA Tottenham

Outdoor Spaces
A small patio, balcony or any outdoor space can be perfect garden party setting. With our helpful tips we can help you make your small space big.

Zone with Fabric

A great way to create zines for your party is to hang fabric down to the floor, add cushions and throws for texture and comfort. Mix and match wall hanging fabrics with your table clothes and runners to create a striking scene for your celebrations, transforming a boring backdrop to a colourful setting.

Go Cubic

The ÄPPLARÖ wall panel with storage bench fits most balconies. This will not only give you space both to store and display your gardening essentials, but also double up as seating.

Bench with wall panel and shelf, brown
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Folding table, acacia, steel
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Fabric, broad-striped, bright blue
Price:£6 / metre
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Cushion, multicolour
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Smart Study Space
Times are different. We work and study in every part of the home and even the smallest space need smart solutions. When planning your work/study space, think about how your will use the space. Do you need a permanent desk or something more flexible? This will give you a good starting point to your ideal work space.

Get Organised

Untidy cables drive us all crazy!!! Spend some time planning your cable management when your work space is in place.

Portable Study

If you, like many of us, work with your laptop on your knee why not use the IKEA Byllan laptop support... It keeps your laptop stable with it’s formable base and works perfectly in any small space in your home.

Laptop support, Mollaryd multicolour, black
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Cable management box, cork, white
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Small Bathrooms
The use of narrow, open shelves can both save you space and give you easy access to your bathroom accessories.

Store Upwards

Utilising the height of the room can double or triple your storage capacity without taking up double or triple the space. Choose from our range of standard high cabinets or adapt the ALGOT range to suit personal space in the bathroom.

Your very own spa retreat

Small bathroom means you have enough room for lots of coziness. Place a stool near the tub to hold some tea and magazines. Add some fluffy towels, scented candles, turn on the music and relax.