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Bath towels

Soft, durable and absorbent

When choosing your bath towel, there are several things to consider such as colour, softness, size and most important absorbency. Towels have a fabric weight measured in GSM (grams per square meter). Towels with high GSM are ideal for use in the bathroom while ones with lower GSM are best suited for trips to the gym or gym.

Our towels are made of combed cotton; the long, fine fibres create a softer and more durable towel.

ÅFJÄRDEN bath towel, pink Length: 140 cm Width: 70 cm Area: 0.98 m²
bath towel
Length: 140 cm, Width: 70 cm, Area: 0.98 m² More options
  • Bath towels: the secret to prolonging that relaxing feeling

    There’s no better way to finish off a nice long session in a hot bath or shower than to wrap yourself in a soft bath towel. Whether you’re getting up to start a busy day ahead or unwinding after work, covering yourself in a cosy, warm towel after a bath or shower is guaranteed to help you relax. We’ve got a variety of colours and thicknesses to choose from, as well as multiple items from the same collection for the whole family. You pick up something completely different for guests who come to stay.

  • Bath towels: cosy and comforting

    If you’ve treated yourself to a newly decorated bathroom or want to freshen up your existing décor, our FRÄJEN bath towels are brightly coloured so will add a dash of fun to your room. Made from 100% cotton, our large towels in the HÄREN collection are equally colourful and super soft. Our ÅFJÄRDEN towels are extra thick and made of combed cotton, meaning the long, fine fibres make the towel even softer and more hard-wearing. Finish off your bathroom with a touch of luxury with the addition of some of our towels.