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Delicious, healthy and sustainable food for the many

At IKEA, we believe that making healthier and more sustainable food the easy, affordable, and delicious choice is a vital part of creating a better everyday life for the many people.

Two adults and a child about to enjoy a meal together while seated at a white table in an IKEA Swedish Restaurant.

From field to table – we're working towards sustainability every step of the way

Our work towards creating more sustainable food systems is aligned with our work with responsible sourcing of food ingredients. We also work to reduce food waste and to use circular and more sustainable packaging. With our size and reach, we can make healthy and sustainable food options available for the many people.

More sustainable sourcing

We want to have a positive impact on people, society and the planet. Responsible sourcing of raw materials and production plays a large part in this.

How we’re sourcing more responsibly
Two salmon farm workers dressed in heavy outdoor clothing tending a fish enclosure on a Norwegian salmon farm.
How we’re sourcing more responsibly

Working together to reduce food waste

IKEA is committed to working across our value chain to reduce food waste and loss with goals for production and restaurants. We are also continuing to develop products that help people reduce food waste at home. Together we can make a difference.

How to minimize your food waste at home
A person in a kitchen putting the lid on a glass container of food. On the same benchtop are two other full food containers.
How to minimize your food waste at home

Sustainable packaging systems

We have the ambition that by 2030 all our food packaging will be made from renewable or recycled material. We are working to develop sustainable food packaging that not only complies with food safety regulations but also minimizes food waste and optimizes material use.

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An IKEA store customer wearing a pink and white striped shirt, holding and looking at a packet of MUNSBIT nutbars.
Learn more in our Global newsroom