STORSINT Red wine glass, clear glass, 23 oz
STORSINT Red wine glass, clear glass, 23 oz
STORSINT Red wine glass, clear glass, 23 oz
STORSINT Red wine glass, clear glass, 23 oz
STORSINT Red wine glass, clear glass, 23 oz
STORSINT Red wine glass, clear glass, 23 oz

Complete glassware designed to improve your drink’s taste, like how the bowl’s shape allows aromas and flavors to develop. Crystalline with a shining luster and a nice reverberation when toasting.

Article Number203.962.98

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This glass looks like it’s made with traditional crystal, but it’s made with crystalline ― a lead-free and strong alternative with a clear brilliance and a fine tone when you clink your glasses.In the STORSINT series there is glassware for all types of drinks, so you can easily match glasses when setting the table.Manufactured in a way similar to handmade glasses, which means that the stem of the glass is smooth and has no seam.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Glasses designed for elegant and complex wines which are light-bodied.Designer

Aaron Probyn

Article Number203.962.98
  • Crystalline
  • No cadmium or lead added.We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.
  • STORSINTRed wine glassArticle Number203.962.98
    Width: 8 ¾ "Height: 8 ¾ "Length: 12 ¾ "Weight: 3 lb 6 ozPackage(s): 1

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9 "
23 oz
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6 pack


Love the size & thicknessmoniqueLove the size & thickness of the glass.5
Newer and Thinner?SAVANNAI bought these because my older ones from IKEA broke. These seem thinner and more delicate. Still, they are the perfect size and price.4
Elegant and affordableVerónicaVery elegant glasses and yet affordable. If you like simple lines, these are the ones to go.5
Nice cups!GermanNice cups!5
Red wine glassesPeterOwing to the ongoing pandemic we have been unwilling to expose ourselves in large-store facilities. IKEA has beefed up its on-line services to meet the challenge which effort is very much appreciated. We will be using the electronic interface more in the future.5
Good quality at a fairMarkGood quality at a fair value.5
Red wine glassMarionGreat, but difficult to fit into dishwasher4
Lovely glassedGildaLovely glassed5
Perfect!AgustGreat quality!5
Great featuresGray15Big & Beautiful for the price5
beautiful glassesgarden101loved using them great size4
mrsclemonsBought one set for us and one for my sister. Live them!5
beautiful glassesEvelyne7They are a tad large but they look so pretty, I could not resist.5
Great for those boozy nights.BabiboiThese are the closest I can get to those SCANDAL Olivia Pope glasses at a fraction of the cost. I love the look. Please handle with care!!! I am leaving mine inside the box and hand-washing with care.5
STORSINT Red wine glass, clear glass, 23 oz

Match your wine with the right glass

Did you know that there is a whole science behind why wine glasses look the way they do? Fortunately, you don’t need to dive into the science to match your favorite wine with the right glass. We developed the STORSINT glass series so you have optimal glasses for different wines. But first we needed to thoroughly understand what happens to a wine when it’s poured into a glass with a certain shape – so we took on the help of some experienced sommeliers along the way. Product developer Malin Ljungström shares some facts: “For example, a younger wine should be served in a smaller bowl with a slightly narrower opening. This is so the wine is not affected too much by the oxygen in the air", explains Malin."On the other hand, an older and fuller wine needs a large, round bowl and a relatively wide opening to enhance all the aromas and flavors from the wine being more in contact with oxygen."

Thin and durable glass How a wine is enjoyed when drinking from a wine glass is also about the balance between the bowl, shaft and foot. “A good wine glass should be nice to hold and beautiful to look at”, says Malin. The choice to use lead-free crystal was important for STORSINT. “Lead is a metal that is harmful to both people and the environment, and we do not allow it in any products. The lead-free crystal glass has a fine luster, is thin and strong and can be machine-washed”, says Malin as she toasts two glasses lightly against each other, spreading a nice and crisp reverberation

New insights about wine

For Malin, the collaboration with the sommeliers meant that some of her conceptions about wine changed. For example, that champagne or other sparkling wine should always be enjoyed from tall flute glasses with plenty of room for the bubbles. “It’s true about younger wines, but we learned that an older champagne is more aromatic, and can therefore be served in a wine glass with a larger bowl to develop its full potential”, says Malin and adds: "In the world of wine, there’s always something to learn."

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Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

"When I designed STORSINT, I wanted to make glassware that enhances the enjoyment of drinks. I made the stems thin and smooth so that they´re comfortable to hold, and the bowl generous so that aromas and and flavors develop in the best way. I was partially inspired by the fantastic glassware at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. With STORSINT, I wanted to create glassware which suits all occasions, which is beautifully designed – and can be used year after year."

Designer Aaron Probyn


Here's to crystalline

Join us in raising a glass to STORSINT—a collection made of crystalline. Traditional crystal is made with lead, a metal we're committed to leave out of all our products for health and sustainability reasons. Crystalline is a lead-free alternative that offers strength, brilliance, and a sweet, resonating tone whenever clinked.

Red wine glass, clear glass23 oz

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STORSINT Red wine glass, clear glass, 23 oz


$14.99/ 6 pack