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SJÖMÄRKE Wireless charger

SJÖMÄRKE Wireless charger

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Do a magic trick and charge your phone on your furniture. The secret is this wireless charger mounted hidden under a tabletop or a shelf – easy charging with technology that blends into your decor!

Article Number805.127.18

Product details

SJÖMÄRKE wireless charger makes your technology invisible, since you mount the charger hidden – for example under a tabletop or shelf. It doesn’t work if you put the device directly on the charger!

Perfect to mount on a desk, side table or bedside table, when you want chargers and cables to blend into the decor to keep the room neat and tidy. Works through all materials except metal.

The charger makes it easy to charge your phone without having to look for sockets and keep track of cables – just place the phone on the tabletop or shelf exactly above the charger.

The charger comes with a 6 ft long cable, double-sided adhesive tape for easy mounting and stickers to mark where on the topside to place your phone.


IKEA of Sweden


Cord length: 5 ' 11 "

Height: 1 "

Length: 7 "

Width: 3 "


Design revision needed.BrandonA really cool concept, but in practice it doesn't work well. Installation was easy enough using the included adhesive strips. Unfortunately, the strips failed almost instantly due to how hot the device gets while charging. It has to be mounted with screws to keep it from failing to the floor, which aren't included. Instructions state "may get warm." No it gets HOT. The heatsink on the bottom is not something you want to accidently touch under the desk. You do get two clear stickers to place on top of the desk so you know where to put your phone, but placing them correctly is a pain as there's no alignment guide included. Charging performance is abysmal. Left my phone(iPhone 12 mini) to charge for 10 hours, and the battery went from 30% to only 40%. The charger also produces a faint but noticeable buzzing while charging. I'd like to think its just my phones old battery, but it doesn't have this problem with any other wireless charger.2
Doesn't get hot... if you know where to place your phone.ChadThis is a truly magical device. You can simply put it under a table or shelf or cabinet, and boom your phone charges. You do need to know exactly where the center of the "+" is, the phone & charger will get hot if you don't center the phone above the "+". Note: The "+" is located at the end of the device, NOT IN THE MIDDLE, so be sure to put your phone exactly on top of the "+" and you'll be very happy with this product! If you need help finding the right spot, there are stickers that come with the device to place atop the surface you've chosen to use as a charging platform. Once you get that right it is so very cool to have these everywhere around your house and magically surprise friends when they set their phone down and it starts charging!5
Great idea- but didn't work with Google PixelsNicoleLove the stealth design, but these didn't charge our phones.1
Good but has flawsVerified ReviewerThe charger is great in that it can be invisibly mounted under a table and charge through it. It gets pretty hot though and heats up your phone more than a normal wireless charger. It's also kind of unreliable so I wouln't recommend it for overnight charging, but it's good for a midday top-off.3
Worth itLynnetteI haven't found the final spot I want to keep this because it's kind of picky when it comes to the space between it and the phone you're charging. One location I wanted to put it was too thick but I love the idea of not seeing the cords when you find a good location for it5