SEKTION Leg, 4 1/2 "
SEKTION Leg, 4 1/2 "

Every kitchen base cabinet and high cabinet needs legs. Choose whether you want to emphasize a style or expression in your kitchen with visible legs or if you prefer to hide the legs behind a toekick.

Article Number102.655.18

Product details

Stands steady on uneven floors because it has adjustable feet.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Polyamide, Polystyrene, Polypropylene
  • SEKTIONLegArticle Number:102.655.18
    Width: 7 ¼ "Height: 1 ½ "Length: 9 "Weight: 13 ozPackage(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsSEKTION Leg102.655.18

Product size

4 1/2 "
2 "
Min. height: 
3 1/2 "
Max. height: 
5 1/2 "
Package quantity: 
4 pack
Maximum load/leg: 
276 lb


Breakaway legsDAVIDDon’t try to slide the cabinet after you install these - the legs won’t stay on. If you lift the cabinet, then set it down, you should be fine.3
Laundry CabinetMike S.We waited for a long time to get this in our laundry room and it sure made the room better with less clutter. This cabinet fits perfectly is our house.5
They do the jobLILIANAThey do the job4
Extremely unstable legs. Use CAUTIONMark329These legs offer zero lateral stability. You MUST use the rail system to attach to the wall. Make sure your rail system is anchored onto a studs. If you make ANY mistakes the repercussions could be grave. If the legs are knocked loose it may rip the rail system out of the wall if it is fill with items like lots heavy things like canned goods. Happened to me.1
Good Product. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!TJT101I like IKEA products but after ordering this product and waiting months for it to be delivered IKEA missed the mark. NO COMMUNICATION! Can't get though on the telephone or email. NOTHING... But boy I sure got the PR Feel Good emails along with offers for products that I can't even order for shipment or Click and Collect (STORES CLOSED). You really let down those who paid in advance for products. This is irresponsible on the part of IKEA as IKEA could have handle both their PR campaigns & Advertising as well as paying customer updates.5
Terrible!Nanci67I bought an Ikea kitchen 20 years ago and the legs were solid, these legs are useless! They fall off, bend and are hard to adjust. Engineering went backwards on these.1
These legs are trash.Va2aI am trying to assemble my kitchen. The cabinet itself is great especially the 3/4 inch thickness of the cabinet. However where Ikea failed, is the lakes the legs are trash. You cannot move the cabinet you have to lift it up and drop it in place. Meaning two people need to position cabinets instead of just one. If you do need to move a half an inch or an inch the leg usually breaks off and cracks. I don't know what Ikea's engineering department thought of when they design these legs but I highly recommend you purchase a different system for adjusting the height of the cabinets.1
Needs improvement in assembly design !design suggestionI assembled the floor cabinets per directions. I attached these legs per directions. When we flipped the cabinet over to put in place and hang on the rail, the legs fell out of their holder base. So for fear of damaging the rail or brackets on the cabinet, we flipped it back upside down and try to figure a way to keep them on. The issue is the leg piece only pressure fits onto the plate and it's a very loose fit. No locking tabs or clips to hold it in. I finally came up with my own solution, which should be easy for ikea to suggest to the manufacturer in it's design. I ended up drilling a small hole in the plate and the leg. Then after placing back on the cabinet, I used short 1 screws to hold the whole thing on the cabinet. After that it worked great.2
so smart67 year old ladyMy husband and I discussed possible ideas for legs on our base cabinets but did not know about these great little contraptions. When I went to purchase cabinets I learned about these feet and have used them under 12 base cabinets. Love them.5
CheapAmartina75I would recommend using the metal legs or build platforms2
Plastic cabinet feetBostonguyI was very disappointed with these flimsy plastic feet. I bought the same cabinets 7 yrs ago and you sold metal feet for them. These don’t feel sturdy at all. Did you really have to skimp this way?1
WeakRLC TPADon't stay assembled, easy to come apart.2
Look is extremely cheap.Union JackI haven't used these yet and after unpacking them and looking over the instructions, I don't think I will. Not only do they look and feel cheap (all plastic), but when two cabinets are side-by-side, I'm expected to use just one wimpy leg to support the weight of both of them. I can't imagine these legs will support the weight of two cabinets and their contents, let alone the weight of my 3/4 inch thick quartzite slab countertop. Since returning items is such a headache, I think I'm stuck with all of them.2
Nice featuresItch 01The adjustable feature on the legs make it easy to level the base cabinets.4
These work better than old designespiritivLet me start off with dispelling the negative reviews 1) Read the instructions 2) These are designed to level the cabinets and are ONLY to be used with the wall support rail. So dont complain when your cabinets fall because you only used plastic feet 3) Cant reach to put the feet in the back? Well your not suppose to! You only put them in the front of the cabinets so its EASY to reach. You should not be on the floor trying to put them in the very back. Please read the instructions 4) Plastic is much thicker than old ones, and feels solid when rotating leg to raise the height. Not sure if Granite is heaver than quartz, but Ikea sells quartz so they would not structurally design a foot that would fail from any weight if properly supported on the rear rail at every wall stud. 5) If you are doing a free standing island or other item, YES you want a solid wood base or the nice looking metal legs they sell5
Bad IdeaJeanthebuilderThese cheap pieces of plastic are a bad idea for support of the high cabinets. It is impossible to use them under the weight of the cabinet. It may be fine for ones that aren't as high, but DON'T even try it!1
Poor designSasha567If you are installing base cabinets with the sektion rail, they are okay. If you are trying to use these with a single base cabinet with no rail, they are pretty much useless as they are in two pieces and fall apart or out of the plate when you lift the cabinet. Also you cannot slide the cabinet to adjust it or these will either break or fall apart.3
An insult to Ikea customersParkSlopeJasonJust flimsy junk. Once installed you will not be able move your cabinet by even a tiny amount without the legs buckling.1
Worse!Use to be a fanThe old type legs had 3 sq. inch contact with floor. The new ones have 1.3 sq. inch -- only 43% of the old ones. So new ones are going to make a much deeper lasting impression in vinyl flooring. Why do they keep changing things that worked? To justify the existence of designers?1

A kitchen that took us around the world

Whatever your dream kitchen is, it’s probably different from many other people’s dreams. This we learned when researching kitchen desires around the globe. Our conclusion for the SEKTION kitchen system: it should make it possible to design the best kitchen for you – whatever your preferences and living situation.

Our ambition is to help as many as possible to have a kitchen they'd love to be in. We started sketching. “When we created SEKTION, it was our biggest ever kitchen change, so it's fair to say we were very keen to get it right,” says technician Klas-Ola Nilsson.

Research from around the world

So, what would people’s dream kitchen be like? We surveyed thousands of people, visited hundreds of homes and worked with food industry professionals. “We found if there's one thing in common with kitchens around the world it's that they're different.” Klas-Ola says. “For as many people who dream of an open space kitchen, there are people with a small space, or have to fit a pre-existing room.”

From research to result

One element became blindingly important. “We realized we needed a kitchen system that could adapt to different sized spaces in a way that hadn't been done before,” Klas-Ola says. “So, we developed cabinets that could fit almost anywhere.” Different sizes can be mixed to best fit the room and they'll still fit together – without odd ends. The clever inside can be personalized to support your kitchen needs and activities, too.

Ready for the future

An adaptable kitchen fits better with how you like to cook, both now and in the future. Whether you start craving a more professional kitchen, or just want to start using it for more activities, we would love SEKTION to help out. “There's nothing to say that SEKTION is set and fixed now,” Klas-Ola says. “It's something that's evolving and that we're developing as our ideas on what a kitchen should do changes into the future.”

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Leg4 1/2 "

$7.00/ 4 pack
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SEKTION Leg, 4 1/2 "


$7.00/ 4 pack