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LURVIG Play tunnel for cat, white/pink

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In this play tunnel your cat can do what they love most – hunt and hide. The ball stimulates both curiosity and hunting instincts – and once you've finished playing, the tunnel can be folded flat again.

Article Number004.648.77

Product details

Cats love to hide and chase things. Your cat can do both in this play tunnel.

The ball in the tunnel’s opening sparks your cat's curiosity and natural hunting instinct.

When you don’t need the play tunnel and want to save space, you can fold it and store it flat.


Inma Bermudez


Length: 50 ½ "

Diameter: 9 ¾ "


Not sure…….LaurieMy cat’s not intrigued yet, still waiting (he’s 13lbs so maybe feels claustrophobic )!3
Fun and DurableMilokI have bought several of these play tunnels over time. My cats and I love it. For the cats it is a fun play activity and for me it is durable to the point where I don't have to worry about them destroying it. Trust me, my cats are very destructive and the fact that they haven't been able to even put a pin needle sized hole in it is impressive. I highly recommend this to anyone with furry feline friends who need something to play with.5
My cats love this!WendyMy cats love this!5
Here rabbit, rabbit!MickeyOur chunky bun loves to run through this. The tunnel has stood up to Bun's antics, sprints, and zoomies.5
Great deal!ElizabethOur cats love these, and we even got one for the rabbit. He loves hiding in it and using it to get from his food dish to his water dish. The little holes on the side are perfect for lining up with his dishes. He can eat and drink from inside the tunnel and feel hidden.5
Cool gadget ReneeMy cat loves his new toy!5
Cat & Rabbit Approved!JenI got this for my cat, but I've found my rabbit enjoying it as well.5
Our cat loves enjoys playing with this!JeffreyWe have a cat that really loves playing with this tunnel. She runs through the tunnel and plays with the fuzzy ball attached to the end. This is the perfect toy to release her energy and exercises her body to maintain a healthy life. Highly recommend 5
TunnelCindyThis tunnel is great. While shopping at IKEA I came across this cute pet tunnel. It’s been a huge success with my two bunnies 💜5
My cats are slow toKathrynMy cats are slow to figure it out, but they are starting to enjoy it.5
Cat TunnelAngelaMy cat really loves the tunnel with two openings in the middle and a hanging ball at the end!5
10/10SydneeSolid toy!! My cat finally warmed up to it. He's over 20 lbs. and fits through for reference.5
Our cats love itPatrickOur two cats played with it all day Saturday and are still using it5
Affordable, Big cat tunnelAnaMy cats love these tunnels. The cost half the price of smaller tunnels I've bought at pet stores.5
Kittens love this!KorinneMy kittens really enjoy this. Plus it's really easy to collapse and store.5
Fun TunnelNadineThis is perfect for my two adopted Kittens! They love it and play all day in it!5
must have for a cat ownerNaokoI have two, and my cat lives in it. I have given them to my friends, and they and their cats love them, too.5
Cat’s favoriteCraigMy cat loved this right away. Sits in it for hours.5
Cat likes itThomasworks as described5
My cats love itJenniferHere’s how much they love it: Two of my adult cats try to get in it when it’s not extended. I’d prefer the window holes be smaller or not there at all so they could zoom down the full length of the tube, but the cats love it as it is. Definitely a great value and much appreciated by my cats!5