LURVIG Play tunnel for cat, white/pink
LURVIG Play tunnel for cat, white/pink
LURVIG Play tunnel for cat, white/pink

In this play tunnel your cat can do what they love most – hunt and hide. The ball stimulates both curiosity and hunting instincts – and once you've finished playing, the tunnel can be folded flat again.


Product details

Cats love to hide and chase things. Your cat can do both in this play tunnel.The ball in the tunnel’s opening sparks your cat's curiosity and natural hunting instinct.When you don’t need the play tunnel and want to save space, you can fold it and store it flat.Can be connected to LURVIG cat house, sold separately.For cats.Designer

Inma Bermudez

  • Fabric/ Filling:100 % polyester
    Metal fitting:Steel
    Hand wash cold, 86°F (30°C).Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • LURVIGPlay tunnel for catArticle Number:004.648.77
    Length: 1 "Weight: 11 ozDiameter: 11 ¼ "Package(s): 1

Product size

50 ½ "
9 ¾ "


GreatLEVIMy cats love to sleep inside and play with each other. Which is a lot since my cats aren't kittens anymore.5
Cats and kittens love it.ANDREACats and kittens love it. The holes on the sides are a great addition. Would love different color options.5
Car heavenMARKMy cat loves this tunnel. He enjoys the multiple openings and uses it frequently5
Best toy everRAENEAMy sons cat loves this tunnel. She’s running through it constantly, she hides in it and loves playing in it.5
Cats love it!LadypalutenaI bought this as an impulse buy, hoping my cat would like it. It performs beyond my wildest dreams. My cats love this tunnel and they fight over who gets to sit in it and wait for the other to walk past. Absolutely worth the money! No tears yet despite two cats constantly fighting in and around it.5
IKEA hackRomyI purchased this pet tube to use as a floor lamp shade. Perfect for my design!5
Cats love it!ElliottThe cats love this! Even our less playful cat loves it. We love a lot of stuff we've gotten at IKEA but this is by far the single best purchase we've made from IKEA5
LoveValerieI bought this for our guinea pigs to attach their playpen to the cat house. I like having the open space on top of the tube so that way I can grab them if I needed to5
Military Grade Ballistic TunnelRichard DrizzlerOur two cats have been training for something for the last 6 months, some sort of take over I am sure. This tunnel is a primary source of tactical exercise. They dart through it and attack anything that comes in contact with it. The material has held up amazingly, and through no lack of effort on their part, they try and rip it to shreds, but dude not a snag or a hole anywhere after more than a year of abuse. I don’t know what the Swedish space program is like but if this is how they make a cat tunnel, we better stay on their good side. Or really ramp up the Space Force program.5
Not stable and too smallwhat2keepI bought this a couple of weeks ago as I thought my cats would love it. My frisky cat tried to play with the ball on the tube but the tube kept rolling ending with the ball on the floor instead of hanging from the top. The bigger cat couldn't fit.2
all of the cats love thismdaby3I foster kittens and this was a really good find! They all love it.5
LURVIG for Guinea Pigs!JaxtikiWe purchased this fun tunnel for our two guinea pigs. They love scurrying through it. I've tossed it in the washer many times, and it comes out looking like new. I like the way it closes up for storage purposes. It's just perfect!5
So much fun!R_M_TI was nervous about buying this for my cats because they're chunky so I thought it might be too small, but I'm so glad I did! They love taking a running start and slide through the tunnel. The poof ball on the end is also getting a lot of use. Since there are holes on the sides as well as the ends, the tunnel isn't too confining. Great fun for them!5
Excellent valueSteph999Our 2 young cats love this. A permanent paper bag type toy. It crinkles, it rustles, it has a pom-pom!. 4 openings, a the velcro tabs allow it to become a U-shape, too. Folds down easily and springs open for lots of play.5
My kitten 1 year old really loves this!BdabbMy new kitty is crazy about this! She plays hard and falls asleep in it. Very entertaining!5
The velcro is a great addition!Ani s MomWe purchased two of these tunnels to add to the one that we already had. What a fun play area we have created for our year old kitten. She dashes through the long tunnel created by joining them together with the velcro closures. When we place them side by side, she rolls from one tunnel to the other. I think maybe we are enjoying them as much as she is.5
Juana21I bought this for my daughters bunny and he loves it5
My cat loves it!kimb4kI bought this on my shopping trip to IKEA earlier this month. My cat just absolutely loves it! I find her either running through as fast as she can only to flop over and play with the ball at the end or she is putting her toys in it to play with. It’s a nylon fabric and seems to be good quality material.5
My cats love it.JessG25I bought the play tunnel because it was cheap so if my cats didn’t like it, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. They loved their tunnel more than I thought they would. It has been scratched at and jumped on and it’s still in great condition.5
isra568Bought these two weeks ago my kittens love it5

Play tunnel for cat, white/pink

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LURVIG Play tunnel for cat, white/pink