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IKEA PS LÖMSK Swivel chair, white/red

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How to get it

Round and round you go! Your child sets the pace – spinning slowly relaxes; spinning quickly develops balance. When your child pulls down the hood, it becomes a cozy hideaway.

Article Number104.071.36

Product details

With the hood pulled down the chair is a secret hiding place for a child.

The fabric lets light in so it's never completely dark under the hood.

Spinning helps the brain sort sensory impressions.

Add a cushion or pad for more comfort.


Monika Mulder


Width: 23 1/4 "

Depth: 24 3/8 "

Height: 29 1/2 "

Total height: 32 1/4 "

Seat height: 6 3/4 "


Best choice every AngelMy grandson is autistic and he love the chair. He crawls in the chair with his blanket and calms himself down so he does not get over stimulated. 5
Overpriced. My 6 year oldJeffersonOverpriced. My 6 year old had to have it.4
Fabulous chair!!JulieThe egg chair is awesome and my children love it!! Super easy set-up.5
Fun ChairShariI got 2 one for my house and one for my grandsons house. My oldest grandson loves it. A little expensive and could use a cushion as the seat is a little hard.5
Love this futuristic egg chair!CynthiaLove this futuristic egg chair!5
Daycare Kiddos Love It!AprilAbsolutely cute and adorable. My daycare kiddos are all in their own zones when they close the egg. It can a little dangerous though, when the swiveling gets out of control. But for the most part, it’s low enough to the ground for the tiny tots or creepy crawlers (11m olds). Only thing I wish it had a swivel stopper so I can be on control of when I want it to swivel or stay in place to avoid our beginner crawlers and walkers from taking a hard fall once it swivels.5
Egg seatDianaSo far the grandkids like to go in and play hide n seek a bit.4
Great ChairHeatherMy 6 year old loves this chair.5
Cute and well madeJSurprisingly well made. My toddler loves this. We expect we will have to buy another for the next baby so they each have one. The only complaint is that our base is whiter than the egg part which is more off white. It’s a kids product and was a good price for the item though! Love it.4
Love this chairLyndseyMy older girls had this when they were little, so when we had another child several years later, we wanted another chair so the little one could have one. She loves to spin in it and pull the umbrella down. It is perfect for getting energy out. I do wish that there was a cushion for the bottom, but that’s ok. Also, we had to return and repurchase because our first one didn’t come with the parts to assemble.5
Love itCeciliaLittle siblings love it. Play together. Interact with parents. Hide & seek. Private space to read, shut out world.5
I want adult size!KaMy toddler loves it. As others say, a cushion would be a huge improvement. Every adult has asked if it is available in adult sizes. IKEA, PLEASE MAKE THIS FOR ADULTS!4
The best birthday gift!JacquelineThis is for my granddaughter and she absolutely loves it !!5
Cute, with a PLASTIC shade design flawCharleneI bought 2. The grandkids loved them (ages 4 & 6) but immediately started spinning themselves and friends around in it - certainly not what I intended and I fear they'll break them soon. Disappointed with red "pad" on bottom. It's not actually a pad, but hard plastic. For comfort, my daughter will put a chair pad inside. The awning or shade is a BIG miss. It's unbreathable plastic, which I didn't realize until assembling it. Although a child can't seal themselves completely inside - I checked, and it doesn't lock down tight although the 4 y/o was trying her best to close the gap and seal herself in - I consider the plastic covering to be a huge design flaw. A breathable fabric shade would be much safer.4
Big hit!LauraThe child I bought this for LOVES it. I also have two bought five years ago (blue and orange) for my school library. They’ve held up very well to daily use and are always the seating of choice for kids.5
Cute concept but dangerousHeatherBase is not weighed enough. My 5yo was swiveling in the chair and it flipped over and smacked him in the mouth and he broke his front tooth.1
Great chair fit the kidsLoriPerfect hideaway for the kids to read or watch tv on their own5
Our grandson loves the privacyMonikaOur grandson loves the privacy of this cute chair with its cover. We need an adult version!!5
childs chairStaceygrandkids love this chair!5
She enjoys her chairAngelaShe likes this chair and she loves that it closes5
IKEA PS LÖMSK Swivel chair, white/red

A cozy place with a twist

You probably know how childhood memories can stick and become almost magical snapshots in your mind. If you work at IKEA, these memories can inspire you to create new products. Like LÖMSK swivel chair. "As a child I was constantly doing handstands and I loved rocking and spinning. My father's armchair was enticing, so as an adult I had the idea that there should be swivel armchairs adapted for children," says our designer Monika Mulder. She wanted the chair to stimulate imagination, too. So she gave it a hood that can be pulled down to create a secret hiding place.

Since 2003, children throughout the world have spun, hidden and created their own cozy space in LÖMSK swivel armchair. Child psychologist Barbie Clarke, who has researched children and their development, has seen it act like a magnet to children. "Children love things that change into something else. It stimulates the imagination and gives a feeling of having magical powers. And spinning in the armchair is not just a fun game, it also contributes to important physical development,” explains Barbie. “When children climb, hang upside down, run, balance and spin, their sensory systems develop ─ particularly their balance.”

An armchair for more imagination and play

Today, Designer Monika Mulder has four children of her own. "In our home, it has been used as a toy stove, so that sometimes when the room is to be quickly cleaned, everything from the floor is hidden under the pulled down hood. Later in the evening, LÖMSK often looks like a glowing ball when one of the children sits inside it with a tablet." For Monika, the fact that LÖMSK is used in unexpected ways is positive. "In a pretend world, children can comfortably prepare for adult life ─ with nothing predetermined. It’s the imagination of children that decides what LÖMSK should be.”


What is polyester?

Polyester is a durable, quick-drying and insulating material that is optimal to use for textiles and as filling in pillows, quilts and furniture. The material is made from crude oil – a limited resource. Since IKEA doesn’t want to contribute to more virgin oil being used, we are now gradually switching to recycled and traceable polyester from sources like PET bottles. What’s nice is that polyester can be recycled over and over, without changing or losing its great qualities.