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HJORTSVANG Rug, handmade/off-white,

Price $ 349.99

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Sometimes the natural and simple are the most beautiful. This rug in 100% natural-colored wool is handwoven by skilled artisans, which means that each one is completely unique.

Article Number804.425.27

Product details

The rug is made of wool so it’s naturally soil-repellent and very durable.

The wool is undyed and therefore has a natural white color.

Handwoven by skilled craftspeople, and therefore unique.

A perfect companion for all types of flooring, even those with underfloor heating.


IKEA of Sweden


Length: 7 ' 7 "

Width: 5 ' 3 "

Thickness: 1 "

Area: 39.61 sq feet

Surface density: 16.06 oz/sq ft

Weight: 40 lb


beautiful and softens the roomJozibeautiful and softens the room perfectly!5
Love it, but not with a dogKrissaI love this rug so much and receive many compliments. It literally brings me joy! While many have complained about the smell and shedding, we found the smell disappeared after a couple of weeks, and we haven't found the shedding to be an issue. The problem, however, is that becasue it is wool, it cannot be washed or even dry-cleaned. This became a problem when our dog threw up all over it (bound to happen with pets). Not enough blotting is going to get this clean. Though I'm sad to say it, I think we need to replace it with a rug that is easier to clean.3
I’m in love!!JillI am so happy with this new rug. It feels so soft under bare feet and looks very high-end. I love that it’s all natural wool and undyed. It’s mainly off-white and have has flex of gray and black in it. It looks fabulous with my white couch and chairs and wood antiques from Asia.5
So soft and beautiful colorationJenniferThis rug is so soft and plush. I actually bought two and hand stitched them together on the backside to form a large area rug. I get so many compliments on this rug. It hides dirt well, and although it does shed, I find it minimal.5
Omg this carpet is amazingTerezaI have never been a carpet person but I am utterly in love with this one. Soft, fluffy, yet doesn’t look dirty despite my two big dogs5
Feels great & looks fab!TerriI replaced a super cute but uncomfortable jute rug with this one. This rug was double the cost but I have no regrets! This rug feels SO good under my feet and I love the look! I see the comments about odor and shedding. There is some shedding but not significant (I’ve had for about 6 mos.) and we have not experienced any foul odor. Very happy with this purchase and would recommend.5
VERY StinkyJeanetteBeautiful rug, but it has a very strong “unwashed sheep” smell - makes our living room smell like a barnyard. We have had the rug for 9 months and the smell has not improved. Even after airing outside & a baking soda treatment.1
The wool sheds a lot. Not a good buy.KasunThe rug is comfortable but the wool sheds a lot.1
I’m in love!!JillI am so happy with this new rug. It feels so soft under bare feet and looks very high-end. I love that it’s all natural wool and undyed. It’s mainly off-white and have has flex of gray and black in it. It looks fabulous with my white couch and chairs and wood antiques from Asia.5
Great RugColetteThis is the second time I have purchases this rug. It’s so pretty on wood floors and brightens up a room instantly. I haven’t had the shedding that some people experience but it’s in a low traffic area.5
Love ItLaurieVery soft, beautiful colors. More than I expected5
Great quality bought a second oneVerified ReviewerThick, natural and well made. Love this rug5
I want another one!JillI hope they offer this in a dyed blue or green later! I love this rug!5
Sheds horribly and looks ugly even following the instructions!AmandaSo I’ve had this rug for a 2-3 months now and it’s STILL shedding horribly, which is not what the cleaning instructions stated. I’ve followed the instructions and taken extremely good care of this rug, but it looks terrible and the shedding is just nonstop. I’m concerned about it being a fire hazard because the wool keeps getting in my gas fireplace (through the grate on the bottom, which our fireplace guy said is a big no no). I’m so upset to have spent so much only to be so disappointed. Not only is the shedding just absolutely awful, but one corner was not sewn on, so there’s a big chunk of wool sticking straight up from the corner. Very frustrating.1
Still shredding 2 yrs later!DanelleI loved this rug the day I saw it & brought it home. It was beautiful, super soft, & had the organic look I wanted. Here I am 2 years later, & the rug is still shedding! Not only does it shed, but it blows all over the house when the windows are open. I vacuum often & have vacuumed the rug numerous times in hopes it would eventually stop shedding. Today, the rug is going in the trash! Looking forward to something that doesn't make a mess of my house!1
Handmade RugIsaiahThis rug compliments luxury modern apartments! It brings a cozy vibe to the aesthetic of any minimalist style. I love the new rug because it feels good to walk on as well. Highly recommend this rug to anyone!5
My Favorite!AdrienneI bought this same rug last year. I was sooo happy to find it at IKEA and at such a great price. It is so cozy, warm and soft for the autumn and winter months. I love it so much I had to have another one.5
Beautiful soft cozy rugSavithaThe rug is super soft and a creamy white color with specks of light gray. There was no smell and no shedding. Absolutely gorgeous rug for our entry way. I’m a little nervous that vacuuming which may pull out fibers. This may be alleviated by turning off the rotating brushes. Anyone have tips about vacuuming?5
Am off today to buyCathyAm off today to buy another one!5
Soft RugFatimat A.I bought this rug after seeing it on display at my local ikea. I originally was going to go for the shag rug but was instantly struck by how much more character this had. I bought it without reading reviews and was immediately struck with dread when I saw the bunch of 1 star reviews after getting home. I was tempted to keep it rolled and just take it back for the shag, but by that time my husband had lugged it upstairs and into our bedroom. I took a chance, uncurled it and… it was exactly what we expected! No smell. Super soft and now after a week - no wool fluff (at least yet - that’s something I can deal with) I wish it was a little bigger but it works perfectly for the bottom half of our queen bed. Would highly recommend!5
HJORTSVANG Rug, handmade/off-white, 5 ' 3 "x7 ' 7 "

Our take on wool

Wool is a natural, durable and renewable material. It is naturally stain resistant and flame retardant - and it is a great insulator. The many benefits make wool an attractive material choice in IKEA products like rugs, upholstered furniture and wadding in mattresses. There are also environmental benefits to consider. Wool has a smaller carbon footprint than many other textile fibres. This is partly because sheep can be raised on non-arable lands and rough terrains. Further, wool is biodegradable and takes relatively short time to break down. IKEA has a long-term direction to move away from virgin fossil based materials towards more natural and sustainable materials. Wool is a good example of a sustainable material when sourced from farms where sheep are treated with respect and the land they graze on is managed responsibly.

On the road to responsible sourcing

Upholding animal rights is important to IKEA, so when suppliers sign on to work with us, they must follow our requirements on animal welfare as stated in our code of conduct. Further, we are committed to transforming our conventional wool supply chain to 100% Responsibly Sourced Wool by the end of 2025. Meaning all our wool will come from farms certified from animal welfare and land management perspectives and be fully traceable to farm-level. IKEA has started to work with farms in New Zealand who are Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified. The RWS is an independent, voluntary standard, which means that companies and producers can choose to become certified. Certifications like this is one way of securing that sheep are treated with respect and also ensuring that best practices are used in regards to the management and protection of the land. With the competence gained in New Zealand - a well-structured country with long standing traditions of sheep farming, we can take our learnings to other wool producing countries.

Traceable from product to farm level

Being able to trace the wool used in our range back to its origin is key to ensure responsible sourcing and respectable animal welfare for the sheep. Within IKEA, we work to secure the chain of custody by using certified farms as our raw material suppliers. That way the wool we work with is traceable, from final product to the farms. Certified farms are audited annually by an independent certification body, ensuring that demands and standards are being met.

Pulling together for animal welfare

It takes time to build up the right strategic partners across the global supply chain to make an impactful difference. By committing to transforming all our wool to 100% responsibly sourced wool, and telling the process of our journey, we intend to demonstrate how this change can be achieved, raise awareness for responsible wool sourcing and increase the demand


What is wool?

Wool is a practical natural material that usually comes from sheep. The raw wool is washed and then spun into yarn. Wool rugs have many advantages. They're soft, warm and comfortable to walk on, and they're also very hardwearing. They're stain-resistant too, because wool has it own natural oil. This means that dirt stays on the surface and doesn't penetrate into the rug. All wool rugs shed - some more, some less - vacuum them regularly to prevent the loose fibers from scattering.

Form design process

Made using the pit loom weaving technique

The pit loom, as the name suggests, is positioned over a pit, and the wooden frame is angled for vertical weaving. The artisan sits underneath the frame, and controls it with foot pedals and their hands, crafting rugs with intricate patterns and designs. This setup enables working from both above and below the frame, achieving a very tight weave. Producing a rug with this technique takes about 2-3 days, resulting in a unique work of art that can add character to any home.