DRAGON Dessert spoon, stainless steel, 6 "
DRAGON Dessert spoon, stainless steel, 6 "
DRAGON Dessert spoon, stainless steel, 6 "

DRAGON flatware has been in our range for 30 years, valued for its durable quality and timeless design – that’s why you’ll find that we use the flatware in many of our IKEA restaurants too.


Product details

Can be used by children as well.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Carl-Gustaf Jahnsson

  • Stainless steel
    Dishwasher-safe.For the flatware to be easy to clean and to reduce the risk of corrosion, always rinse off the remains of any food immediately.
  • The material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • DRAGONDessert spoonArticle Number:500.903.81
    Width: 4 ¼ "Height: 1 "Length: 7 "Weight: 8 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

6 "
Package quantity: 
6 pack


Loved itJUANLoved it5
Durable and just right quantity..MariaNeeded to add couple more spoons to existing set of silverware..5
NicemdeniseoSeveral of my spoons have been lost or eaten by the garbage disposal over the years. I bought these to try them out and see how I like them. And I do.5
Great product for the price.tinkerbellutah2A little bit thinner than I prefer, but for the price these are outstanding!4
Smooth nicePammy28Good feel washes nice. Does what I needed4
Perfect sizeJanetNeeded a soup spoon. These work great.5
Love these spoons!KometmayPerfect size for many purposes!5
Needed extra spoonsMKRWI bought these. Great quality and not running out of spoons because they are all in yhe dishwasher5
Beautifully smooth, sleek and stylishsimsim46These spoons are perfect with a bowl of ice cream, your favorite bowl of cereal or even with a bowl of delicious how soup!!!5
Simple SpoonsLMackPerfect purchase to replace spoons...which always seem to disappear. Good price and value.5
Loved the forks so got some spoonsLilburn LindaBought the forks, got more and some spoons. Love them too.5
Nice spoons for daily useEllieBZbought this few weeks ago and came in very handy during holidays5
Perfect SizeBluffoI use these as teaspoons. They're just a tiny bit bigger than regular teaspoons, but not nearly as large as soup spoons or tablespoons. Also, they go well with my other 'silverware' from Ikea.5
Size mattersRoger 88We bought these spoons because we felt that the size of the tea spoons in the full set was too small. They label these as desert spoons but we feel they are basically a good size to use as a tea spoon or as a soup spoon. We are going to get one more set so that we have 12.5
Jenjen456I bought these spoons because my spoons kept disappearing and I have been very happy with them for the price!5
Has a great weight to themFoytikVery surprised for the price how new this set is. I have the whole set .and so cheap. Look new Everytime I take them out of the dishwasher5
Love the styleMari152Really like the style and good price5
Perfect sizeTeelynnI really like the shape and size of these spoons but just wish they were a little heavier metal4
The best spoons I ever ownedumesh108I have bought 3 packs of these spoons over the last 10 years the last one being a few weeks ago, so I have 18 of these spoons at my place. Firstly You can tell which one is from the first lot and which is from the last. They all keep looking new all the time as they are made of high quality Stainless steel. Secondly, this spoon has the right weight, the volume and the balance for your hand. I have a few other brand spoons at my house too, but if my family has to pick from the spoon rack, they always choose this one!5
nice spoonSNBDIt's a little bigger than a teaspoon, and just a bit smaller than a tablespoon. Fairly flat, so if you prefer a spoon with a little more curve, this is not likely the one to choose.4

A few words on cutlery

All cutlery needs some care to maintain its original finish. Rinse cutlery after use to remove any scraps of food, even if you plan to wash it later. If you use a dishwasher, choose a shorter cycle, and dry the cutlery by hand. That way you avoid rust spots caused by food that sticks to the cutlery, or by leaving cutlery too long in the hot, humid air inside the machine. Good advice doesn't have to be expensive.

Designer thoughts

"When designer Carl-Gustaf Jahnsson created the DRAGON cutlery set his goal was that it should appeal to most people, be suitable for most things and have a timeless look. He succeeded so well that the cutlery has outlived all our other cutlery series. And even though it has been produced in many different places in the world, the cutlery has always kept its original form. A truly faithful servant that also does a good job at many of the restaurants in our stores."

Dessert spoon, stainless steel6 "

$5.99/ 6 pack
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DRAGON Dessert spoon, stainless steel, 6 "


$5.99/ 6 pack