DRAGON Coffee spoon, stainless steel, 4 "
DRAGON Coffee spoon, stainless steel, 4 "
DRAGON Coffee spoon, stainless steel, 4 "
DRAGON Coffee spoon, stainless steel, 4 "

DRAGON flatware has been in our range for 30 years, valued for its durable quality and timeless design – that’s why you’ll find that we use the flatware in many of our IKEA restaurants too.


Product details

Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Carl-Gustaf Jahnsson

  • Stainless steel
    Dishwasher-safe.For the flatware to be easy to clean and to reduce the risk of corrosion, always rinse off the remains of any food immediately.
  • The material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • DRAGONCoffee spoonArticle Number:500.917.62
    Width: 3 ½ "Height: 1 "Length: 5 ¼ "Weight: 4 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

4 "
Package quantity: 
6 pack


Effective for guestsJulieSmall, but when having a teaspoon shortage, these coffee spoons fill in nicely to stir coffee or serve sauce.5
Just OKLisa54321They're OK. I thought they might be a little more substantial but for $5 they're not bad.3
Great features!Anabella13I bought this a week ahí, and am so happy for that I did.5
ADORABLE!!CaysonThe perfect size for my charcuterie and cheese trays! I place them with my condiments around the tray. I buy a set everytime I go to Ikea...I know ...a but much...but I do gift them as well! And they love them!)5
I like the size of themLauris73I bought this for my little for her tea party they were great5
Perfect sizeKBeachPerfect for coffee and tea! Also a favorite with the grandsons for yogurt, applesauce and many more!5
coffee spoons make great soft boiled egg spoonsGrandmotherAlmaI bought these a few weeks ago, and now use one everyday for my breakfast egg.5
Mini spoonsAthenagwI have been looking for these all over. Thanks IKEA,,5
So usefulDiadiGood for serving sugar and creamer.5
J McI love my spoons, reminds me of my time in Italy5
Perfect sizeKristytsfI bought these for my work silverware because I prefer smaller silverware and they were quickly stolen by my son. They are a huge hit at out house (even though they don't match any of our fancy silverware.) They also work great for my grandbabies and their little hands.5
Great little coffee spoons!JessicaPersikaI’m so happy I found these at IKEA! I’ve been looking for smaller spoons but couldn’t find them anywhere else. I like to use them for my coffee and eating dessert.5
Connie59love these dainty spoons for stirring coffee or tea. would be ideal for a young child.5
Perfect sizethreThese spoons are perfect for party foods and savoring sweets. Pair the spoon with a dip or to serve nuts or small edibles when setting the buffet. Also creates that perfect bite when eating decadent ice cream, mousse and the like.5
Everything SpoonObxgirlSturdy stainless steel. Too small for some mugs. Great server for dip, condiments, etc.4
Right sizesergebklnNow I have enough for my espresso and my wife for our cat's canned food.5
MoaudiePerfect for egg cups and fruit5
Adorable small spoons!MickleyMouseI was recently in the UK and fell in love with the tiny spoons there used for stirring coffee and tea. I'd been looking for some cute tiny spoons, and these are perfect! I can pretend I'm back in the UK enjoying my coffee. I love the shape and style of these. I'm looking to change out my current (and old) silverware for the matching pieces in this set.5
ASLS123Cute classic timeless little condiment, ice cream, dessert, tea/coffee spoons.5
DRAGON Coffee spoonDonna59I bought the spoons for my granddaughter. They are smaller than a normal spoon and easier for her to use.5

A few words on cutlery

All cutlery needs some care to maintain its original finish. Rinse cutlery after use to remove any scraps of food, even if you plan to wash it later. If you use a dishwasher, choose a shorter cycle, and dry the cutlery by hand. That way you avoid rust spots caused by food that sticks to the cutlery, or by leaving cutlery too long in the hot, humid air inside the machine. Good advice doesn't have to be expensive.

Designer thoughts

"When designer Carl-Gustaf Jahnsson created the DRAGON cutlery set his goal was that it should appeal to most people, be suitable for most things and have a timeless look. He succeeded so well that the cutlery has outlived all our other cutlery series. And even though it has been produced in many different places in the world, the cutlery has always kept its original form. A truly faithful servant that also does a good job at many of the restaurants in our stores."

Coffee spoon, stainless steel4 "

$4.99/ 6 pack
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DRAGON Coffee spoon, stainless steel, 4 "


$4.99/ 6 pack