BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white/Luröy, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white/Luröy, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white/Luröy, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white/Luröy, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white/Luröy, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white/Luröy, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white/Luröy, Queen
BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white/Luröy, Queen

When you live in a small space you need to be clever. That’s probably why you’re looking at this bed frame with 4 spacious drawers. The BRIMNES series has several heroes that help you save space.


Product details

Ample storage space is hidden neatly under the bed in 4 large drawers. Perfect for storing quilts, pillows and bed linen.This compact bed frame fits easily in tight spaces and under low ceilings, allowing you to maximize the space in your bedroom.The storage boxes are easy to roll out and in thanks to the castors on the base.This versatile bed frame will look great with your choice of textiles and bedroom furniture.Adjustable bed sides allow you to use mattresses of different thicknesses.17 layer-glued slats adjust to your body weight and increase the suppleness of the mattress.The price for this combination includes SKORVA midbeam, but it is a separate product which you pick from its own shelf at the store. If you buy the bed via the website, SKORVA midbeam is included in the delivery.Slatted bed base is included in the price but packaged separately.Mattress and bedlinens are sold separately.May be completed with BRIMNES headboard.Designer

IKEA of Sweden/K Hagberg/M Hagberg

  • Bed frame with storage
    Main parts/ Partition/ Drawer front:Particleboard, Paper foil, Plastic edging
    Bedside/ Bottom rail:Particleboard, Paper foil
    Drawer bottom:Fiberboard, Printed and embossed acrylic paint
    Bed end filling:Fiberboard, Paper foil
    Center support beam
    Galvanized steel
    Slatted bed base
    Layer glued slats:Eucalyptus veneer, Pine veneer, Adhesive resin as coating
    Ribbon/ Ribbon:100 % polyester
    Layer glued slats:Beech veneer, Birch veneer, Adhesive resin as coating
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Bed frame with storageAt least 80% (weight) of this product is made of wood, a renewable material.
  • This product comes as 5 packages.
    BRIMNESBed frame with storageArticle Number:302.287.23This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 23 "Height: 2 ½ "Length: 82 ¼ "Weight: 87 lb 1 ozPackage(s): 1
    Width: 19 "Height: 2 ¾ "Length: 64 ¾ "Weight: 63 lb 15 ozPackage(s): 1
    Width: 22 ½ "Height: 2 ¾ "Length: 42 ¼ "Weight: 59 lb 8 ozPackage(s): 1
    SKORVACenter support beamArticle Number:901.245.34
    Width: 2 ½ "Height: 2 ¼ "Length: 54 ¾ "Weight: 8 lb 0 ozPackage(s): 1
    LURÖYSlatted bed baseArticle Number:001.602.15
    Width: 8 ¼ "Height: 4 "Length: 30 "Weight: 22 lb 1 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

Height of drawer (inside): 
7 7/8 "
81 7/8 "
62 1/4 "
18 1/2 "
Drawer width (inside): 
37 3/8 "
Drawer depth (inside): 
21 1/4 "
Mattress length: 
79 1/2 "
Mattress width: 
59 7/8 "


Nice!RICARDOIt is so nice and the drawers are so spacious.5
Great bed for extra storageBriannaI am really happy with this purchase. The bed is pretty sturdy and adds lots of great storage. The drawers are really deep and can hold a lot of stuff. I also thought that although long it wasn't too bad to put together. By the time I got to the drawers at the end I was flying through it. I would recommend for assembly to review all the instructions prior and check all your pieces before you start. It is also good to really review the picture and compare what you are doing.5
Exactly what I wantedJAMESBig, Sturdy and room to move and store! This frame went together nicely with out any struggles or problems. Make sure you put it together close to the area you are planning on putting the bed, because once its together it is very heavy to move! My wife and I love it. One important fact to remember... because it has drawers, your feet cannot go under the bed when reaching for items on the bed. Many stubbed toes in the beginning lol!5
Great Bed!NicoleLove the big drawers underneath. The bed is very sturdy and we love it. Was easy to put together, especially since we have put together several pieces from IKEA. We bought the cabinets that go with the it!!5
Loved itKevinIt was exactly how I imagined it. The instructions can have small details that are easy to miss so be mindful to read thoroughly. Definitely worth the money.5
No thank youKristen-Took to long to arrive and assemble -Pieces were of lower quality than expected -Had to throw it away after 3 weeks, The product broke beyond repair.1
It took a while toAntoniaIt took a while to put together, but once it was finished it looked great. The four drawers gives you lots of space.4
Very roomyLuanaI got rid of my dresser and my room seems so much more spacious. The storage drawers are high-capacity!5
Good priceAdelinaGood price5
BrimnesDUNIAGreat purchase for price5
great featuresTinksmassageThe reason I did not give it 5 stars is we live 2 hours away from an IKEA and needed some extra screws which can not be bought at a normal hardware store. I would recommend that IKEA add EXTRA screws/hardware in their products; as normal hardware does not fit them correctly. Therefore, I had to wait to finish putting together until we received the hardware needed. I bought this bed due to living in a small space and the drawers underneath was the huge advantage due to not having a lot of storage space. I really like the bed a lot and it is a lot sturdier than expected. The only other thing is I totally understand the reason behind screwing it into the wall but I feel that it should be a choice as I rent and can not screw heavy furniture into the wall.4
So happy to have the extra storagePerks1209I've had this bed for 3 weeks and still can't believe how awesome it is. The storage drawers are amazing and I can't find enough stuff to fill them. So happy with this purchase and the quality of the drawers.5
NiceJA04Perfect bed and saves space. The drawers are large and holds plenty of clothes. It wasn't difficult to put together.4
Just What I Was Hoping For!Here Are My ThoughtsI had been eyeing this bed for well over a year and FINALLY pulled the trigger. I’ve had it for a month now, and am very happy with my purchase; it fits perfectly within my space, and the four LARGE storage drawers were JUST what I was looking for. Putting the bed together was a bit time-consuming, but after I finally finished the task, I literally felt accomplished... and seriously felt like I deserved a trophy. LOL The bed feels very sturdy, and holds my mattress very well; I did not purchase one of IKEA’s mattresses, but a queen cooling gel memory foam from elsewhere. The ONLY thing that held me back from buying this bed sooner was because I really wish it came in a natural color—not just black, grey, and white. But, I bought the white, and am decorating it to fit my decor... so it all worked out.5
La PrietaI am very happy with my purchase! The storage in this bed is wonderful!5
AshrobbThe bed wasn't too hard to put together. I put it together by myself in a few hours. The drawers are very smooth and easy to open/close and it has way more storage than I expected, which is awesome!5
Frustrating to buildAngel_24I never write reviews but figured this was worth it because theres a lot of tricks you should pick up making this bed. For one, watch videos on how to build it. The instructions are tricky. Two: PLEASE screw the rails for the drawers on tight. The screws stripped on me and two of the drawers don't close now cause they stick out. Also when doing the metal beam attachment steps, make sure you set them up to the bottom set of holes, it makes the bed way too high and I had to redo the whole thing. Its so tedious. I wouldn't recommend it just because the drawers screws broke so easily, and it took me 3 days to build. The drawers aren't very sturdy either. I got the lonset bed frame, which was also hard to assemble (would recommend the plank option.)2
Great Bed!Jayla2326This bed is sturdy, really pretty to look at and the drawers are really big. I got the LIERSUND (sorry if that's wrong spelling) bed slats and this is my dream bed. Now, I just wish that there was a way to attach the brimnes headboard that way it won't slide on my vinyl flooring. But overall, putting it together was a little overwhelming for me because this was my first big purchase from IKEA. But it came out nicely. Well worth it.5
missing partserikagutierreza week after i got my bed i decided to build it. took my friend an i almost 5 hours to build it. i was so excited that i was finally going to have a frame for my mattress until i realized i didn’t have certain pieces. i’ve tried calling customer service since 5/28/20 but every time i get told that they’re not accepting calls. i just want to get my missing pieces so i could finish putting together my bed frame.4
YellowboneI bought this less than a month ago, and one major piece on the cross part thats sits in the middle then attaches to the for sides of the bed, was very difficult to tighten. Then the drawers can be a tad overwhelming to get both sides on the correctly to make the drawers roll inward. It takes alot of patience and time to install. Please make sure you have enough space to maneuver to put together and insert drawers. Overall, I love it. I am moving, and considering hiring a member of IKEA if the have their contact lifted. I have alot of furniture from IKEA, but this one took alot out of me.. i held off the other pieces due to tiredness.5

Designer thoughts

"Living in a small space often presents big demands for smart storage. That’s what we wanted to solve by creating BRIMNES – a series of functional bedroom furniture with storage in every piece and at a low price. We made the bed frame with generous drawers and the headboard with room for books, magazine files and holes for cables. The wardrobe was given adjustable shelves so that you can maximize your storage. We hope you will enjoy living with this furniture in your home for a long time – regardless of whether you combine them or use them as individual pieces."

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Bed frame with storage, white/LuröyQueen

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BRIMNES Bed frame with storage, white/Luröy, Queen