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Unscented candles

Candles help create a warm and cozy home, offering instant calming ambiance with the simple strike of a match. Our unscented candles are crafted from quality materials—including plant-based wax, paraffin wax and stearin—and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and hues to meet all your candle wants and needs.

Sometimes unscented candles make sense

An appealing scent is the primary reason many people burn candles in the first place, so unscented candles may seem curious at first glance. But beyond fragrance, candles impart light, and some situations call for illumination sans scent…

Ideal for dining tables and centerpieces. Whether you’re setting the table for a romantic dinner for two, or a holiday dinner for twelve, unscented taper candles and block candles make a perfect choice. Guests can enjoy the warmth of the candle glow without any scents competing with the flavor of their meal.

A considerate option for shared and public spaces. For folks with fragrance allergies or sensitivities, scented candles can cause headaches. Opting for unscented block candles, pillar candles, taper candles and tea lights allows you to create the look and feel you desire without worry of causing anyone discomfort. 

Light-lovers rejoice! Every serious candle fan has been there; you’ve perfectly arranged your tealight candles on the coffee table, your taper candles on the kitchen table and your block candles on the bathroom counter. And once they’ve all been lit and you’re just beginning to bask in the glorious glow, the accidental competition of fragrances begins. As watermelon meets spiced pumpkin, and pear meets patchouli, you realize you’ve unleashed a scented candle catastrophe. 

By using unscented candles in all your favorite everyday spaces, you can enjoy the light without the fragrance fight. And when you do want to add some scent to the situation, you can burn one of whichever matches your mood that day—in addition to all your everyday unscented candles, of course!

Whether you’re stocking up on our popular white unscented candles, or looking for the latest colors to liven up your space, we look forward to helping you light the way to a brighter home.