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Scented candles

Scented candles are a wonderful way to unwind. The beautiful scents complement the cozy candlelight to help you set the mood. From fresh fruit to spring flowers, there are a lot of fragrances for you to explore. Some candles come in glass holders which you can use as tealight holders later.

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More optionsKOPPARLÖNN Scented candle in ceramic jar 25 hr

KOPPARLÖNN Scented candle in ceramic jar, almond & cherry/brown-red, 45 hr

More optionsHEDERSAM Scented candle in glass 40 hr

HEDERSAM Scented candle in glass, Fresh grass/light green, 20 hr

More optionsGLANSLIND Scented cndl in glass w lid/2 wicks 70 hr

GLANSLIND Scented cndl in glass w lid/2 wicks, smoky vanilla/light beige, 100 hr

More optionsAVMÅLA Scented candle in glass 20 hr

AVMÅLA Scented candle in glass, Crisp mint/dark green, 40 hr

More optionsLUGNARE Scented candle in glass 20 hr

LUGNARE Scented candle in glass, Jasmine/pink, 40 hr

More optionsADLAD Scented candle in glass 40 hr

ADLAD Scented candle in glass, Scandinavian Woods/white, 20 hr
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Scented candles for your home

Sometimes you need a bit of help unwinding after a long day of work. Slip into a deeper state of calm with soothing scented candles that transform the mood of any room. When it’s been a long week and it’s time to curl up on the couch with your four-legged friend, take relaxation to another level with the fragrance of scented candles. Before you dim the lights, turn some music on and reach for that glass of wine, light a candle or tealight whose aroma stirs up nostalgia for places you’ve been or simply adds a touch of wonder when hosting guests for dinner parties. 

Harness the scent of dreamy seasons, exotic destinations, and perfect moods

Not sure what to look for in home scents? Go with what speaks to you and let scented candles help bring tranquility through a soothing aroma. Choose nostalgia invoking fragrances in the bedroom as you read at night. Relax in a warm bath while a fragrance tailored to your mood transforms the room. Or light a beautiful candle cradled by elegant glass whose alluring scent of flowers recalls gardens you visited on vacation. For the holidays, try our spice scented candles with clove and cinnamon. 

Many IKEA scented candles come in a variety of colors in decorative and color tinted glass holders. Once your long-lasting scented glass candle is spent after up to 50 hours, place scented tealights that can last up to 3.5 hours in the same glass candle holders. Beside color tinted glass, find a variety of designs in glazed stoneware candle holders to serve as accent pieces along with colorful scented candles. Use a 3 wick scented candle to raise the intimacy of dinner with that special someone. Or dot your dining room table with tall and wide fragrant candle pillars that you can place on serving dishes. 

Enjoy the aroma of sustainable scented candles even more

The experience can be even more warming when you know that many IKEA scented candles can feature at least 50% - 70% renewable plant based wax. Meanwhile, the candle wicks are made of cotton and cellulose or plant based materials. 

Frequently asked questions about our scented candles

How long do scented candles burn?

IKEA scented candles can keep going anywhere from 15 to 50 hours. Once they’re spent, use the glass or ceramic holders to host tea lights that can burn up to 3.5 hours.

Are scented candles toxic?

All IKEA scented candles are lead free since the wicks are made of cotton and cellulose. IKEA candles create a more soothing experience by being made with up to 50-70% plant based wax.