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JUBLA Unscented candle, white,

Price $ 10.99/8 pack
Burning time: 10 hr

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The glow from candles can add atmosphere to any moment – they can light up dark mornings, make a one-on-one dinner more romantic or make a room feel warmer and more inviting.

Article Number401.544.01

Product details

The candle burns with a clear and steady flame because it is made of 100% stearin.

Stearin ensures that the candle will not bend, even if it stands in a warm or sunny room.


Height: 13 ¾ "

Diameter: ¾ "

Burning time: 10 hr

Package quantity: 8 pack


it’s a huge candlePeterwe love having these outrageously long candles in our house5
Perfect Candles !LuciaPerfect candles for holiday and every day use. They are part of my Christmas decor, but will soon be gracing our table making every day meals an occasion!5
No drip candlesLaurenceThese are the only candles I've been able to buy lately anywhere that absolutely do not drip. Highly recommended!5
Great candlesCraigExactly what I expected5
50% brokenElizabethHalf of the candles arrived broken clean in half. Looks like the shipper just tossed the boxes around, and there’s only a thin layer of paper to protect the candles. Fixing the candles doesn’t work either because of the nature of the wax. So now I’ve paid for 8 candles and received only 4 useable tapers.1
Beautiful candlesDestinyVery bright candles, sturdy, fit in my candle holder perfectly.5
Very good productJeanVery good product5
BeautifulAlizonThe candles are very sturdy and look beautiful.5
excellent candlesAnneexcellent candles5
These candles stink and burn strangelyNatalieWeirdest candles I've ever had. No idea what kind of material they're made from, but it isn't regular wax. Turns super liquid when lit and when I tried to get some drops of wax into the bottom of the candle holder to secure the candles, the "wax" immediately dried before I could put the candle back. They also have a strong and unpleasant smell. Yuck.1
Great candlesKatClean burning and long lasting5
These very tall candles areMarianThese very tall candles are just what I needed and couldn't find elsewhere!5
Great candles with long burnRobertGreat candles with long burn time5
Long and clean burning candlesLisaLong and clean burning candles for the best price anywhere5
Love the JUBLA based onJayLove the JUBLA based on price and quality.5
Long!StephanieThese candles were a bit longer than I was wanting but are very nice. Only lit them for a minute but they seem to not burn very fast! If you are looking for height these are it. I will buy the shorter ones next.5
Great candlesCraigExactly what I expected5
They are okGunnarThey are ok4
My candles arrived safely andMaxineMy candles arrived safely and unbroken. They are of a taller size and so therefore a greater value.5
Only candle that worksJoI've tried many candles over the years with my favourite candlesticks. These are the only ones that consistently sit firmly in them. Sometimes I have to drop a little melted wax in the holder part but usually I don't. Once I got a candle with no wick! But that was after lighting scores of these. Priced just right.5


What is stearin?

All candles in our range are good at creating a cozy atmosphere, and we choose different materials in order to get the best form, function and quality. Stearin is hard and is especially suitable for long, narrow candles and can burn with a higher flame without releasing soot. A high melting point means the candle does not lose its shape in sunlight or high room temperatures. The stearin’s raw material we use is made from the food industry’s leftover animal fat.


100% quality

JUBLA is made of 100% stearin. Household candles of stearin burn with a clear and steady flame and you never have to worry about them bending, even if they stand in a warm and sunny room. That's 100% quality.

Function solution

Candles make a difference

Candles have a remarkable effect on a room, creating ever-shifting patterns of light and shadow. The warm candlelight can comfort you, help you relax, brighten up your early mornings, bring in romance to your intimate dinner or create an exciting party feeling. In fact, it can highlight all kinds of moments in life. Regardless if you choose to light a small or a big candle, a block candle or a tealight, you will notice the difference.