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SMÅSTAD system

Let your kids have fun while dressing up or storing their toys with our colorful SMÅSTAD children’s storage systems. These modular children’s storage units enable play, learning and creativity through everyday activities. Even better, the flexible storage solution can grow with your child and adapt to their changing storage needs. The changing table easily converts into a desk by lowering the height, and a toddler’s pastel-colored cabinet can transform into a cool white closet for teens.

Storage your kids can use, today and tomorrow

SMÅSTAD children’s storage system helps your kids get dressed and look after their things themselves. You can adapt and add to it as they get older, too. So what holds your baby’s onesies today can hold your teen’s cool jackets tomorrow.

A child’s room with two white SMÅSTAD wall cabinets on the wall under two other white SMÅSTAD wall cabinets.
SMÅSTAD storage units with different coloured fronts and handles of various styles, placed in a kid’s room.

You can plan your SMÅSTAD storage

Want to make sure your storage will suit your space and have the interior fittings that you need? Why not create it with the planner first?