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Lamp shades

Giving your lighting a look you love is a breeze with our lamp shades and light shades. You'll find a big range of styles, patterns and colors for everything from table, ceiling, and floor lamps. And when it's time for a change, a new shade won't cost very much but it'll make a big impact in your home.

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Create a mood with stylish lamp shades

Easily reshape the feel and ambience of any room with affordable lamp shades that can filter light to your liking while also putting your sense of style on display. Be the set director for your home when choosing between smart, stylish table lamp shades, floor lamp shades, pendant lamp shades and ceiling lamp shades that come in a range of styles and sizes. Match different materials, colors and designs with existing furniture and design elements to upgrade any room with an addition that adds a magical element to your lighting.

Lamp shades in all shapes and sizes

From hanging bell shaped pendant lamp shades to elliptical pendant shades and the mid century modern look of drum shades that pair well with geometric bases, there is a wide range to choose from for any type of lamp. Invite a slice of nature into any room with the  traditional look of a rustic bell shaped pendant lamp made with sea grass or go with the modern and sleek styling of an airy, artful metal shade with a woven look that is paired with a decorative light bulb. The wavy shape and shiny gold surface make this lampshade an exciting eye-catcher. With its chromed inner side, the orange light from the decorative bulb dances around before being directed down to create a soft light. Or go with the classic look of  a white textile drum shade for table lamps that creates atmosphere by allowing a diffused, soft glow. The size of the shade’s fitting is adjustable with an extra shade ring. Or let decorative light patterns dance on your wall with a black perforated floor lamp shade with playful patterns cut into the fabric shade. Create your own personalized ceiling, pendant, table or floor lamp shade by combining it with your choice of chord or lamp base.  

Caring for your lamp shades

Keeping your standout floor, ceiling or table lamps looking good is easy. Clean with a duster or dust cloth to help these signature design pieces shine on.


Frequently asked question about lamp shades

How do I measure for a replacement lamp shade?

Generally, you want your lamp shade to have a width double that of your lamp base.
Meanwhile the height of your shade should be one-third of the total lamp height.

What are the three types of lamp shades?

Spider fitter shades, clip-on fitter shades and uno fitter shades. The most common fitter for table and floor lamp shades is the spider lamp shade. Spider fitters rest atop the lamp's u-shaped metal harp. Clip-on fitters use a wire assembly that fits securely around the light bulb. An Uno fitter is a large threaded ring in the middle of the fabric shade’s top tripod.

Can I put a lamp shade on any lamp?

You have to use the shade with the exact type of fitter for your lamp.