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Lamp bases & cords

Creating your own personal lamp is easy with our selection of lamp bases and lamp wire cords. You'll find a range of styles and materials including black, nickel plated, brass color and dark gray/metal for floor lamps and table lamps. Check out our shades to complete your lamp and turn your bright idea into reality.

Bring your lighting back to life with new lamp bases and cords

Change things up in any room by updating or creating a new lamp with quality, stylish IKEA lamp bases and cords. Swap in different decorative light bulbs and/or shades to create different looks and lighting effects for pendant lamps in the kitchen, dining room or your home office. Mix and match different lamp shades and decorative LED smart bulbs with the right lamp base to put your stamp on lighting in the living room or wherever you need overhead lighting without relying on a ceiling outlet.

Get back to basics with the right lamp base

Choose floor lamp bases that stand out and stand tall in the living room. Add your own touch to stylish nickel plated floor lamps with a lampshade or decorative bulb of your choice. Find a lamp base that’s doubly smart by conveniently sliding under couches or lounge chairs to save floor space while providing overhead lighting without the need for hardwiring in your ceiling. The black powder-coated steel arm of an IKEA lamp base will cast an eye-pleasing arc over you and your guests before ending in a shade of your choice that expresses your style. Or just let a decorative LED bulb shine on its own with crisp, yet soft lighting that cuts down on glare. Opal light bulbs such as the RYET LED light bulb pair well with traditional lampshades if you want an even, diffused distribution of light. Use a clear light bulb if you choose a lampshade with a perforated or cut-out pattern or other airy, open design and want the pattern to cast effects on the wall and ceiling. A sleek industrial look of stylish metal is great for cozy reading nooks or extending lighting over you and all the kids while you read to them on the couch.

Consider proportions when matching the right shade and lamp base. As a rule of thumb, your lampshade should be twice as wide as your lamp base. The general recommendation is for lampshades to be a third of the height of the entire lamp, but this can change somewhat for arching floor lamps.

Don’t forget about the cords

Want to hit the refresh button on the hanging lights in your kitchen or dining room? Or maybe you want to bring a fresher look in lighting to go with the new pool table in the basement or playroom. Go with the classic look of gray or black cords that pair with decorative bulbs or a white cord that pairs with an LED bulb with the shade of your choice for an update to pendant lights in any room of the house. Go with striking all gold pendant lamps or white, gray or black cord sets that end in silver or gold sockets. Any IKEA cords require hardwire installation and are to be hung from a ceiling hook.

Frequently asked questions about lamp bases and cords

Q: What is a standard lamp base?

 A standard floor lamp tends to be in the range of five to six feet tall. Lamp bases tend to be half as wide as their corresponding shades.

Q: Can you replace lamp cords?

Yes. The beauty of IKEA lamp cords is that they are interchangeable with different smart LED bulbs and lampshades. Some are only to be paired with decorative LED bulbs.

Q: How do you measure the height of a lamp base?

Measure the height from the bottom of your lamp base to where the light socket ends. The lamp shade you select should be between ⅓ to ½ the total height of the lamp base you choose.