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Knobs & handles

Knobs and handles are small details that can do a lot for enhancing a style or be used for a quick and inexpensive update, whether it’s on kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or hallway furniture. In our stores we offer knobs and handles in lots of different looks and materials, so you can pick any style you like.

Kitchen cabinet door and drawer front styles

Choose your style! No matter what your personal style and preference is, make sure to choose a kitchen front you will love for years to come. It is the face of your kitchen, and most likely you will spend many hours there. We have a wide range of materials and finishes to choose from to suit your style — no matter what you like! Everything from traditional doors and drawer fronts that are rich in details, to high-gloss and modern doors and drawer fronts with integrated handles to give you that open, clean look — we have it! The process of choosing the style of your kitchen is all up to you, go for whatever you like — it is your kitchen! We have made sure that all our fronts are durable and of high quality. They all come with a free 25-year limited warranty to ensure that whatever you choose, it will last for years to come.

Sleek cabinet doors and drawer fronts

Sleek doors offers you straight lines and smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces, simplicity in its truest form. Choose from a wide variety of finishes, colors and materials.

Doors and drawer fronts with integrated handles

You might not notice them at first glance — and that’s the idea! Integrated handles lend a minimalistic and modern feeling to your kitchen.

High-gloss doors and drawer fronts

Glossy surfaces suit everyone from the minimalist to the wild family with kids. Stains are no problem as they are just as easy to wipe clean as they were to make.

Frame doors and drawer fronts

Frame doors and drawer fronts are rich in detail, with a crafted look and feel — they create a kitchen with a rustic and traditional look. All our frame door families have a matching glass door.

Accent doors and drawer fronts

Accent doors are a great way to personalize your new kitchen. Available in several different sizes, they let you add big, bold blocks of color or splashes here and there. It's up to you.