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Decorative indoor lighting

Add a little extra glow in your home with indoor lighting. It doesn’t need to be the middle of winter, a lighting chain or some flameless, electric candles will safely brighten up your rooms so you can relax and enjoy the warm glow to the fullest, whatever the time of year.

Reimagine your home with illuminating indoor lighting

Lights. Camera. Action. With so much thought going into the lighting for every major Hollywood production, think how much you can change things up at home with a few simple additions in decorative indoor lighting. Whether it’s striking an intimate mood for a romantic night for two, making the festive feel of a special family dinner pop with fairy string lights or simply making the kid’s room or living room livelier with indoor string lights dancing across the wall, there is a wide range of options for any taste or occasion.

Deck the halls, walls or ceilings with these types of decorative indoor lighting

Indoor string lights

Transform a room or hallway for special occasions with the magic of twinkling lights that put a fairytale feel in the air. Inspire the imagination after applying yours—etch hutches holding cherished glassware in gleaming light for an intimate dinner; trace cartoon characters and magical dragons decorating bedroom walls in glowing light as a backdrop for precious bedtime stories before tucking your little ones in; write the words that dance across your heart across the ceiling in gleaming light when it’s time to pop the question—or to just tell your roommate yes, it’s still their turn to do the dishes. These LED string lights for bedrooms or any room in the house have a built-in timer that turns them on at the same time every day and keeps them on for 6 hours.

Indoor garland lights

Turn the lights down low and let crystalline points of light dance off mirrors or picture frames encircled by indoor garland lights that definitely aren’t just for the holidays. Illuminate the table for that special anniversary dinner or for teatime with Mr. Bear, Fuzzy Walrus, Purple Unicorn and the little girl that you couldn’t wait to get home to after traveling for work. Your head will glow like a garland with LED lights as you reimagine the everyday for yourself and the ones you love.

Indoor hanging lights

You won’t hang your head after adding the fun, whimsical style of hanging pendant lamps whose polyester shades have the playful look of paper lanterns. And there’s no need to stress about finding an outlet since no plugs or chords are needed. Like your trestling plants hanging nearby in the living room, these hanging lights will need some sun as they’re smartly solar powered, long-lasting LED lights.

Indoor table lamps

Also easy to use with no plugs or chords needed is the transportable, LED solar-power table lamp. Resembling a camping lantern, the perforated casing dots the walls with speckled bursts of light. Just grab the carry strap and take it with you wherever the party goes.

Placing indoor hanging lights is easy

With rechargeable battery-operated string lights, solar powered hanging lights or table lamps, you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet. And these LED string and hanging lights do not give off heat like traditional incandescent lights, making them safer for everyone. For string lights, just measure out the surface or pattern you’d like to trace. Placement is a breeze—just use fasteners or hooks that are appropriate for your wall or ceiling material.