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Green decor

Dreaming of forests, fields and the spring? Shop here to fill your home green with decor and bring the lushness of nature into your home. Green is a refreshing color that makes you relax and think of peaceful times of growth. Depending on the shade, it can also convey feelings of depth and sophistication. Browse below to find green home accessories for any space.

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Uplift your home with the freshness of nature

Green decor is famous for creating relaxing spaces, which is why it’s used so often in interior design. It can make even the brightest and most intense colors look warm and peaceful in a color scheme. That’s because green is inextricably linked with nature, growth, rebirth and vitality. This makes decorating with green perfect for rooms with wood, plants or other organic shapes and materials.

Is green home decor on trend?

Yes! Green has been overtaking the interior design world, and fast. It works well in many shades, and it’s famous for helping the mind relax. This is due to the calming effect that nature has on us. While green home accessories were out of fashion for some time during the last century, a new wave has overtaken the design landscape. Nowadays green home decor is all the rage, bringing with it a sense of wellbeing and positivity in homes across the world.

How does decorating with green make a room feel?

The effect of the color green really depends on its shade. Green decor in darker shades can create contrasts that produce a rich and elegant feeling. Meanwhile lighter greens and natural greens give a sense of playfulness and delicateness, along with serenity and peace. In general, all shades of green accessories are great for creating a soothing and chilled out environment. They can also help ground other colors and give a sense of holistic balance.

Which rooms does going green with decor work best in?

In practice, decorating with green can suit any room in the house. But it often works best in places where you’re looking for a little extra relaxation. Green living room accessories and green bedroom accessories are very common choices among designers. They let you sit back and relax with your friends and family, or lie down and chill out in the comfort of your cozy bed. Some people also love the look of green kitchen accessories and bathroom accessories, which bring a feeling of balance and harmony to more functional, purpose-made rooms.