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HÅLLBAR series

We love talking trash

Keep nasty odors at bay and rubbish out of sight with the HÅLLBAR series. Design the perfect waste sorting solution to fit your space and needs. Made from polypropylene plastic, the bins come with folding handles, making them easy to carry and the rounded corners make cleaning the bins a breeze.

A pulled-out kitchen drawer revealing HÅLLBAR bins in light grey and UPPDATERA drawer organizers with paper bags and brushes.
A utility room with two IVAR shelves neatly organized with various boxes, baskets and HÅLLBAR bins in light gray.
A person wearing pink is emptying a HÅLLBAR bin containing food waste into a compost station made from wood.
A HÅLLBAR bin in light gray with the lid open with colored and clear bottles inside.
A kitchen with HÅLLBAR bins in various sizes stacked on top of each other on the floor next to a kitchen island.

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