HÅLLBAR Recycling solution, with pull-out/light gray, 5 gallon
HÅLLBAR Recycling solution, with pull-out/light gray, 5 gallon
HÅLLBAR Recycling solution, with pull-out/light gray, 5 gallon
HÅLLBAR Recycling solution, with pull-out/light gray, 5 gallon

Are you curious about how your waste can become new resources? HÅLLBAR series helps you sort different materials into different bins – a simple action and the first step towards giving waste a new life.

Article Number793.088.03

Product details

HÅLLBAR bins are designed to meet different recycling needs. This narrow combination is suitable if you have limited space and choose to sort your waste at the recycling station.A combination with 2 bins that is perfect for sorting your tin cans and smaller packages.You can also use the bins for practical storage of, for example, toilet paper rolls or shopping bags.Lids are included so you can hide your waste. They are removable for easy cleaning, or if you prefer using your bins without lids.A ring on the top edge of the bin hides the waste bag and keeps it in place. It’s removable either for easy cleaning or if not being used.Mount this pull-out frame inside your cabinet to hide your recycling behind a door. Easy to mount and use in cabinets throughout the home.The pull-out frame gives you quick access and a good overview of your recycling and keeps your bin stable. Pull it out to sort and push it back when you are done.In the kitchen, mount your recycling as close to the sink as possible since this is where most waste is produced and to avoid spills.The folding handle makes it easy to carry the bin with you to the waste station.The bin is designed with rounded corners to make it easier to clean.The included sticker can be attached to the bin to mark what you are recycling. Draw or write on the sticker to make it clear what goes in each bin.To be mounted at the bottom of a cabinet.Designer

Henrik Preutz

  • Bin with lid
    Bucket/ Lid/ Hinge/ Ring:Polypropylene plastic (min. 20% recycled)
    Handle:Reinforced polyamide plastic (min. 20% recycled)
    Pull-out frame for recycling
    Tray/ Frame:Polypropylene plastic (min. 20% recycled)
    Corner fitting:Reinforced polypropylene plastic (min. 20% recycled)
  • Bin with lidBy using recycled plastic in this product, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental footprint.
    Pull-out frame for recyclingBy creating products that help people minimize and manage waste, we contribute to enabling a more sustainable life at home.
  • This product comes as 5 packages.
    HÅLLBARBin with lidArticle Number:803.980.58This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 10 ¼ "Height: 8 ¼ "Length: 12 ¾ "Weight: 1 lb 6 ozPackage(s): 2
    Width: 8 "Height: 1 ¼ "Length: 10 "Weight: 7 ozPackage(s): 2
    HÅLLBARPull-out frame for recyclingArticle Number:204.228.53
    Width: 10 ¾ "Height: 3 "Length: 19 "Weight: 6 lb 3 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

5 gallon


HallbarDEEPIKAI would recommend this product. After searching many vendors for this pull put garbage bin, this is the best for the price and quality- heavy duty. Be a bit careful about measuring this installation. Overall just fantastic.5

Recycling solution, with pull-out/light gray5 gallon

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HÅLLBAR Recycling solution, with pull-out/light gray, 5 gallon