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Changing, bathing & potty

Changing tables gives you a needed helping hand. With drawers and shelves, you can keep necessary items within arm’s reach so you’re never tempted to leave your baby unattended. We also design every baby changing unit to be at a comfortable height so that it’s easy to swoop in for some baby nuzzling. 

Changing tables add flair as well as function

As well as being a safe, cozy space for nap time, don’t underestimate the power of this nursery essential to elevate the look of your baby’s room. Try an open form like this GULLIVER changing table to help keep the feel spacious. Or let the sleek finish of the SMÅSTAD changing table add easy elegance.

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A white GULLIVER changing table holding DRÖMSLOTT storage boxes and accessories beside a GULLIVER crib with one side removed.
A white SMÅSTAD changing table with 3 drawers with a bunny soft toy on top is between a white RÅSKOG trolley and an armchair.
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Must have furniture and accessories for babies and toddlers 

Having a baby is an amazing, life-altering moment. A fun, exciting, exhilarating, action-loaded experience. One that changes you to the very core. But changing diapers? Let’s just say it’s not one of the more enriching experiences you have as a parent. If you’re not prepared, with everything you need for the diaper change at hand, you and your baby might end up in a bigger mess then you started out in… And we dare say that goes for the potty training as well. That’s why we’re here to make sure you have everything you need, for every step of the way. 

Changing the table game with changing tables 

With a baby changing table, you’ll have the diaper changes done in no-time. Easy, trouble-free, and effective. Something both you and your baby will appreciate!

The top of the table is the perfect size for a baby changing mat. And beneath you’ll have drawers or open shelves to keep everything you need. Great for storing such things as diapers, baby wipes, towels and sanitizer. That way, everything will go a lot smoother when you’re cleaning your baby up. Why not try keeping a few toys there as well? Works amazing as a distraction, if nothing else!

And if you’re worried about the baby changing unit not blending in with your home décor, we have stylish alternatives that look just like any cabinet.  

Baby baths for a small splash 

Changing tables aren’t just great for changing diapers, they also make bathing much easier. Simply put the baby bathtub on the top platform. It’ll be easier on your back, and the baby bath has soft edges for protection. That way, both you and your baby can have all the fun in the world. 

Come prepared with changing accessories

To be truly prepared for your babies changing and bathing needs, there’s a whole slew of other accessories to make your life easier. A baby mat, for example, will provide comfort for your baby when it’s time to get cleaned up. It’ll be safer too, thanks to the raised sides.

And you might want to consider storage baskets to hang on the side of the changing table, even if you’ve chosen one with built-in storage. That way you won’t have to reach for towels under the table or pull-out drawers to find the baby wipes. Instead, you can keep the important things within arm's reach, and have your full attention on your baby. 

The potty – a giant leap towards independence

If you’re ready to move on from constant diaper changes, it’s time to level up to potties. We offer contoured options so your baby will be comfortable. And the anti-slip on the underside keeps them from sliding. The inserts are removable, so you simply lift them out to clean and empty them. You’ll be done in no time!