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Ensure that you, your family, friends and guests always have a multitude of comfortable seating options throughout your home with IKEA’s extensive collection of chairs. Our selection features chairs to match the décor and size of every room in your home, including stylish accent chairs, super comfortable recliners, space saving folding chairs, elegant dining chairs and much more. Browse our collection today and make sure the floor is never anyone’s favorite place to sit in your home.

This new chair is nothing to be afraid of

What has twelve legs and hides in the corner? A perfectly reasonable answer is: a stack of ÖSTANÖ chairs. This space-saving gem – coupling stylish slimline design with a strong frame and good back support – allows you to have extra seats waiting in the wings when needed. And the price won’t scare you, either.

Brown-red ÖSTANÖ chairs placed round a white NORBERG wall-mounted drop-leaf table with storage filled with tableware.
    A single brown-red ÖSTANÖ chair standing on a softly lit beige-and-white-dotted BOGENSE low-pile rug.

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      Choose your personal chair combination

      Now you can mix and match a range of seat shells and underframes to tailor your chairs’ material, color and expression. Like here: identical legs, but two very different looks. Which combo is right for your home?

      See all dining chair underframes & seat shells
      Two chairs formed by black SEFAST underframes and medium-grey KARLPETTER seat shells by a small table in a pink-tiled room.
        A light room with a chair formed by a black SEFAST underframe and white LIDÅS seat shell, by a round table, on a TIPHEDE rug.
          See all dining chair underframes & seat shells

          Style and function all the way down

          This slimline design gives the underframe an airy silhouette and makes the chair easy to stack. All you have to decide is the color.

          Now choose a seat to go with those legs

          The shells come in a variety of materials and colors. Where would you like to be seated?

          A chair for every family member

          Being productive in front of your computer? Having a meal? Kicking back and reading a book? A lot of situations involve us sitting down. And sitting down differently. That’s why chairs are some of the most important pieces of furniture in our homes. And it’s also why you need different chairs for different situations. But whichever type or style of chair you need – you’re sure to find it in our wide range. We’ve got you covered, so you can sit back and relax. 

          A chair for every occasion

          You get out of bed, hungry, and it’s time for breakfast. You sit by your kitchen table, maybe looking out of your window with a cup of coffee and a newspaper.  

          Once you’re finished, it’s time to get some work done. You have a seat at your desk, open up your computer and do your best to be productive.  

          After a couple of hours of work, it’s time for lunch. The weather is nice, so you decide to head out for a walk. You sit down at the stool in your hallway to tie your shoes and walk to your favourite downtown café. You get seated outside and enjoy having a nice salad in the sun.  

          Are you starting to see the pattern?  

          Most of our days involve plenty of sitting, for many different reasons. And that requires different chairs, whether it’s a convenient bar stool that fits in a small kitchen, or an ergonomic desk chair for many hours of seated work. While some nice dining chairs will look good around your dinner table, you will likely want to go for stackable café chairs on your balcony or deck.

          Luckily, we have all the chairs you need – from simple stools to comfy armchairs – in many styles and designs. So, go wild in our assortment and we’ll guarantee you’ll have somewhere nice to sit when you’re done.