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It’s playtime! Tips, toys and ideas for fun-seekers.

The more you play, the less you stress. And with the holidays approaching, ‘tis the season to let your inner child loose. So get down there on the floor, mix it up with the little ones and play like it’s your job! Here are some ideas, inspo and toys to help you get started.

Seriously, it’s playtime for all!

Play is essential for children to grow and learn; it’s just as important for adults. So try to infuse everything you do with a dash of play, like turning boring chores into a game, or questing with the kids on a big adventure as you collectively let your imaginations run amok.

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A girl wearing VR goggles with purple disco lights behind her.
Listen to the kids and turn everyday chores into something fun.

Mother of twoAustria

A man stands in a kitchen wearing a RINNIG apron and cabbage leaves on his head. He holds a baby who looks surprised.

Hey Papa, what’s cooking?

Real talk: Finding time to play is hard because the everyday struggle is real. One tip we consistently get from busy parents is to turn meal prep into fun time. Find a safe, exciting, helpful way for the kids to help out with dinner and it’s a win-win!

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A girl sits in a living room using toilet paper to bandage a JÄTTELIK dinosaur.
Let go of the must-dos, get to your child’s level and see the world from a fresh perspective.

32-year-old mother of oneSweden

Oh yes, indeed, it’s fun time!

Oftentimes having fun comes down to having the right toy or game to spark your imagination – and then having the courage to run with it! Click below to explore our toys and games and to find a fresh starting point for your next epic play-venture.

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A man laying on the ground with a Play tunnel around his body and soft toys surrounding him.
Try not to take yourself too seriously – just enjoy the moment.

Father of threePortugal

A young girl sitting wrapping up a soft toy in toilet paper with other soft toys sitting near her.

How to create a space for play – for kids and adults, too!

Play is great for everyone. It helps children grow and learn, and as we grow up, it boosts creativity and relieves stress. Here are some ideas to help you get right in there and play like your happiness depends on it!

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