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A set-up to make your dirtydishes disappear

Daily washing-up is a true test for kitchen organisation.Minimise messiness with a wall-mounted (no need to drill)SUNNERSTA set that holds all you need accessible, tidy and,best of all – out of the way.

Keep your corners clutter-free

Three tiptop tips for long-term organisation: there’s a boxfor everything, make things easy to find, and you can’t usetoo many hooks. Apply to hobby corners, garden sheds orplain basement storage, and enjoy the peace of mind thatclutter-freedom brings.

Organisation by the box

There are few storage challenges that can’t be solved withthe right box. Take KUGGIS boxes, for instance. Stylish,stackable, lidded, and available in different sizes. Let thedecluttering begin.

Mix decorations and storage inyour child’s room

Putting things on display – think open shelves, pictureledges, textile baskets – is often a great way to organisea child’s room. Many toys can double as decoration, andstoring them in view makes them easy to find.

The right lighting for your bathroom

From hygiene to make-up to simply waking up in themorning, proper bathroom lighting makes a big difference.LEDSJÖ LED wall lamps take care of it all, providing a glarefree,even light – and with style that shines in its own right.

Food containers for many more meals.

You don’t need a big household to appreciate having someextra food containers around. Why not set up a stationkeeping all of them organised and accessible? It will saveyou both space and time – and likely some lunch money,too

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