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Swedish Bistro

Grab some delicious Swedish cookies, organic coffee beans or even your favourite IKEA meatballs at the Swedish Bistro.

  • Bistro opening hours:

    • IKEA Alexandra Bistro: 10am-9pm (Sun-Thu) & 10am-11pm (Fri-Sat)
    • IKEA Tampines Bistro @ Level 3: 11am-9pm (Sun-Thu) & 11am-11pm (Fri-Sat)
    • IKEA Tampines Bistro @ Level 1: 11am-9.30pm (Sun-Thu) & 11am-11.30pm (Fri-Sat)
    • IKEA Jurong Bistro: 10am-10pm (Mon-Sun)

IKEA Swedish Bistro Menu

Soy ice cream with $0.50 lowest price tagging. Plant food symbol tag at top left corner of the thumbnail

Here's the scoop: the ice-cream that you missed soy much is back!

Soy ice-cream
Made of soy

Hot dog

Veggie hot dog

Made of Kale, red lentil, onion, quinoa, wheat protein, carrot & potato
*Only available at IKEA Tampines and IKEA Jurong

Swedish meatball in cup
*Only available in IKEA Tampines and IKEA Jurong

Spring roll
$1.60/2 pcs

Curry puffs

Chicken wings (Indoor cage-free chicken)

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