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A Scandinavian-inspired office in a shophouse

When a traditional shophouse meets modern, Scandinavian interior design, you can be sure it will be a unique office space. Here’s how we designed an office for a logistics company in their 2-storey space located in a colonial-styled building. Inspired by their Scandinavian heritage, the office design expresses a Scandinavian style with open workspaces that is light and airy yet cosy.

A Scandinavian-inspired office featuring a sofa, coffee table, desk and office chair.
A Scandinavian-inspired office featuring a sofa, coffee table, desk and office chair.

Make the workspace inspiring

Boost your creativity

An inspiring space spurs creativity. Create a comfortable, bright, airy setting for the manager’s room with a play of black and white colours and a hint of wood textures.

Manager’s desk

Deep L-shaped tabletops give a generous work surface and lets you sit at a comfortable distance from the computer monitor. It also helps to have more space when there are team discussions at the desk.

Soft seating comfort

Having a sofa or armchair helps to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere to the manager’s room for casual discussions with the team and business guests.

Brilliant highlights

Timeless design, NYMÅNE lamps have attitude and blend in with most decors. Use it to highlight an important feature in your office.

A conducive workspace that's also welcoming to guests

Open yet private workspaces

Enjoy the best of both worlds of working in an open space with some privacy. EILIF screens can be attached to the BEKANT desks to create personal spaces for individuals while they work together in the same space.

A welcoming entrance

Brighten up the entrance area with a pop of colour. EKERO armchairs come in a choice of 4 covers, you can select the one that matches your corporate colours.

Give your workplace a little lift

Combining design, function and quality in one chair, JANINGE bar stools placed at a bar counteract as extra seating options for working or meals.

Image of Rickard Ingvarsson, CEO, Asia, Scan Global Logistics
We love the work IKEA did for our Asia regional head office. By combining a Scandinavian look with a Singaporean shophouse style, we created an amazing workspace. We couldn't be happier!

Rickard IngvarssonCEO, Asia, Scan Global Logistics

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