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An innovative control centre dedicated to sustainability

Situated in Singapore’s Marina Bay area lies an entire cooling plant sitting 25 metres underground and is purpose-built to supply chilled water to buildings to keep them cool. The Marina Bay District Cooling plant by SP Group is the world’s largest underground district cooling network and aims to enable energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

With the important mission to empower the future of cooling, an overhaul of its control centre and conference room were required to support the everyday life at work in the space. See how IKEA for Business transformed the control centre into one that commands sustainability in its design.

Workers working in front of monitors in an innovative control centre dedicated to sustainability.

Set the right tone

Black, golden brown, dark blue, oak wood tones… This rich colour palette, featuring bold typographic elements, smart space-saving and sturdy furniture creates a room full of character and reflects the company’s innovative identity.

Conscious comfort

Combine comfort and sustainability when choosing chairs for the conference room. This ergonomic ALEFJÄLL chair keeps meetings comfortable and focused, with its well-shaped backrest, adjustable lumbar support, and soft full grain leather that breathes.

A look with an invisible benefit

Oak is a hardwood that darkens beautifully with age. MÖRBYLÅNGA table top has a three-millimetre top layer of solid oak applied on particleboard – a resource-efficient way of using different wood materials in the same piece of furniture. This high-quality finish is durable and makes every table unique.

More than just storage

To maximise usage of space, NORDLI chest of 8 drawers, not only keeps the conference room free of clutter, it provides a cosy corner for sitting too. Add comfort and accessorise with IKEA cushions, made from 100% cotton from more sustainable sources with a 100% recycled polyester filling. By using recycled materials, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact.

Shed light on the matter

Metal, rugged and timeless design, SKURUP pendant lamp gives a pleasant light and spreads a good directed light across the conference table.

Change the energy in the room

Put the spotlight on important corporate messages in a brilliant and timeless style. NYMÅNE lamps blend in with most decors. Complement with SOLHETTA LED bulbs which are energy efficient and long-lasting, allow you to save money on both bulb replacements and electricity.

No sunlight? No problem

When you have a bare pillar, why not surround it with a bunch of FEJKA artificial plants? No green thumb or water (or sunlight) required to keep them looking fresh in an underground space. It’s also pleasing to the eyes after a long meeting.

Ambience at your fingertips

Get in control of meetings with FYRTUR smart wireless roller blinds - you can easily darken the room or have more privacy with a push of the remote control. Layer with HILLEBORG block-out curtains for extra privacy and a softer look.

The little things matter

Sometimes, the details make a big difference. With deep tones and playful expression, the NÖVLING low pile rug helps to cosy up the atmosphere. Made of recycled polyester from PET bottles, this rug is rooted in sustainability. Don’t forget to have seatings for extra guests - MÖRBYLÅNGA bench is not only decorative, it’s a great way to make your guests feel welcomed.

Everything’s under control

The control centre, where it all happens, requires a calm and organised space to work. Keep clutter at bay with durable BROR shelving system, perfect for heavy equipment since it can hold 95 kilos.

Dedicate a wall for displaying important notes and things you need to keep track off, using SVENSAS memo boards. Encourage the habit of sharing stationery items you don’t need all the time - SKÅDIS pegboard, shelves and containers help to keep everything in order.

A storage area with black cabinets with pegboards on the wall on top.
Image of Cynthia Wong, Vice President, Sustainable Energy Solutions, SP Group
We needed to create an experience for the visitors that come here and are passionate about sustainability. We needed a partner who was equally passionate about sustainability and no better partner than IKEA.

Cynthia WongVice President, Sustainable Energy Solutions, SP Group

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