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Desks for gaming

High-performance gaming desks for high-performance gaming. We have desks for gaming to accommodate 2-3 monitors and all your equipment. Get the space you need with everything at your fingertips and you can even customise the gaming surface. It’s time to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Remote workforce and flexible working hours are workforce trends of the new normal — something that we’ll need to adapt ourselves to. Working from home gives us plenty of flexibility, but lacks proper workstation essentials like office chairs, castor drawers and a good computer table. A functional computer table is a must-have for any home office or study spaces for better health and productivity, why not consider purchasing one for yourself?

Sitting for long hours can be terrible on your physical well-being, which results in back pain, neck strains and poor posture. Setting up an ergonomic workstation can help you keep these health issues at bay. From gaming desk to standing desks, IKEA has a variety of computer tables to help you keep things organised and within reach for increased productivity. Our sit-stand computer desk lets you switch from sitting to standing to take the burden off your back, and the crank handle allows you to work your arms while adjusting its height. Match your computer table with ergonomic chairs for comfortable sitting and better posture — your body will thank you for that.

Shop online or customise your ideal study desk or computer table for your space at IKEA today!