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Cables & chargers

They are called “mobile” devices for a reason: you can carry and use them wherever you want – until they run out of battery. That’s why we offer a range of cords, chargers and cable management solutions to make sure your devices are fully charged and your workspace is tidy.

Cables, cables, everywhere... but in perfect order and neatly arranged

You know how it is — cables untamed will eventually go rogue, resulting in a frustrating mess. Use our cable management solutions to take control over all the cables that are spread around your home and free up your desk for more fun activities than untangling those cables again (and again and again).

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Two white KALKSTUFF cable holders are attached to a white desk, one with a laptop cable and one with a phone charging cable.
A black HAVSKÅL USB anchor sits on a bedside table, holding a yellow phone charging cable attached to a black mobile phone.
See all cable management & accessories

Hide away those messy cables

Tired of cables, chargers and power strips getting tangled? You can hide everything in this SÄTTING cable management box – and since the lid is slightly bigger, you can easily pull out cables to charge your phone or tablet.

Shop all cable management & accessories
Shop all cable management & accessories